Organizational Ethics Polices Concordia university Evaluations An ethics policy, or code of ethics, is provided in most organizations. A code of ethics provides the groundwork of proper guidelines for an organization. This document outlines how the Individuals within the business will Interact with one another as well as customers and others that may have business with the organization. The ethics policy consists of core values and general principles that will assist employees in their dealings with others.

Evaluation of the ethics policies of ten different organizations has shown varied lengths and different styles of corporate governance. However, by appraising several ethics policies; the establishments’ which seemingly have nothing to do with one another show that there are several comparable core values held amongst all ten organizations. The organizations that have been considered include Supernal, Wall-Mart, The American Heart Association, Mercury News, The Delano Financial Group, Marvin Windows ; Doors, The Catchword Township Library, Cedars Sinai, Exxon Mobil and The Coca-Cola Company.

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Each of the above organization’s ethics policies speak to the stakeholders by providing general rules of which they must adhere or that they must utilize to make the best decisions for each particular circumstance. Members such as employees, owners, suppliers, and government agencies can make an Impact or be affected by the organizations actions and intentions. However, not all stakeholder participants are equal. “A company’s customers are entitled to fair trading practices but they are not entitled to the same consideration as the company’s employees. (Business Dictionary, 2012). The code of ethics may be utilized by stakeholders to guide their own dealings with other stakeholders within the organization as well as to clarify who to properly achieve Intended outcomes. Compare and Contrast Comparisons of five of the different organizations: Supernal, the American Heart Association, Mercury News, Catchword Township Library and Exxon Mobil, are found in the desire of each business to be perceived as and to support a culture of honesty, integrity and openness.

Contrasts to each of the organizations policies are dependent upon the type of business as well as the size of the company. Supernal Strengths – The Supernal code of ethics Is very straightforward. Information provide covers many areas Including compliance with laws, conflicts of Interest, corporate opportunities, protection of confidential information and accurate reporting as well as how to report violations observed.

Each of the areas discussed reiterate the overlying value of honesty and integrity whether it is affecting the company, or affecting a representative of the company. For example, from within the segment of corporate opportunities, “Employees, officers and directors are prohibited from taking or alerting to a tenor party) a Dustless opportunity Tanat Is Alcoves tongue ten use of corporate property, information or positions, unless the Company has already been offered the opportunity and turned it down. ” (Supernal, 2012).

The above statement although at first glance may appear threatening, the portion ‘unless the Company has already been offered the opportunity and turned it down,’ shows the fairness of the company to be reasonable to employees that may see a business opportunity of which the organization is not interested, thereby allowing the stakeholder to move upon said opportunity. Weaknesses – The code of ethics for Supernal proves to be occasionally difficult to determine due to some of the legal terminology on the form.

American Heart Association Strengths – The American Heart Association’s ethics policies continually emphasize their commitment to integrity. Easy to remember statements contained within the policy such as, “As we think of What we do’ at the American Heart Association and ‘how we do it,’ always remember our responsibility to ask ourselves: ‘Am I doing the ‘right thing for the ‘right reason? ” (American Heart Association, 2012), which is revived to employees as well as volunteers, helps the organization maintain their reputation. Weaknesses – This code of ethics often refers to the ‘right thing to do.

Although the right thing to do may be subjective dependent upon the situation, the use of quotes around the wording implies that the right thing to do is open for debate which may open the door for unethical behaviors that could potentially be explained, theoretically leaving room for wrong. Mercury News Strengths – In the section entitled the ‘preamble,’ the Mercury News ethics policy includes meaningful statements such as; “To take pride in the work we do, we must o our work honestly. ” and “We cannot hold the people we cover to standards we do not meet ourselves. ” (Mercury News, 2012).

Both of these statements reflect the high level of uprightness that must be maintained to be perceived as a worthy news channel. The policy lays out guidelines upon how staff should conduct themselves, but leaves room for professional Judgment. Weaknesses – Due to the nature of news, the ethics policy of Mercury News includes activities of stakeholders outside the realm of business. An example provided is that of a news reporter working for a political campaign in their free time. This activity could be interpreted by the public as the news channel being involved in the campaign and therefore not acceptable.

Catchword Township Library Strengths – The code of ethics relays the reputation of fair treatment to the general public as well as others in the profession. The policy communicates the importance of the profession to help the public gain knowledge or enjoyment for many age groups. “We significantly influence or control the selection, organization, preservation and dissemination of information. ” and “We have a special obligation to ensure the ere flow of information and ideas to present and future generations. ” (Catchword Township Library, 2008).

Weaknesses – The Catchword Township Library ethics policy provides a framework of expected behavior, although it is brief which leaves several areas of conduct unexplained. Exxon Mobil Strengths – There are many areas covered within the Exxon Mobil code of ethics. As a global organization, tender Is much race to race training wanly Exxon Delves Is an effective way to train employees in anti-corruption issues. Additionally, Exxon monitors events and political changes around the world and advises their employees n any modifications to their ethics policies.