Often time’s people say the transition from boyhood to manhood is a difficult task. No one understands this process more than Richard In Richard Wrights novel “Black Boy “-In chapter 6 Richard gets Interviewed for multiple Jobs so he can earn enough money to get food. The first job Richard has was cleaning and washing dishes but before he actually got the job he had to answer a very Important question. The question was would Richard ever steal from those he worked for? Richard thought to himself thinking that if he answered truthfully then the family would think he’s lying ND if he lied then he was therefore untrustworthy.

He immediately said no to stealing but as soon as he started his Job he knew he had to quit due to unsafe health reasons. Summary 7 In time Richard finally finds a Job he thinks he can be he can be happy and satisfied with but that all goes downhill. Richard works as a Water boy and Brick gatherer in a local brickyard because all of his other recent attempts for a job have been complete failures. One afternoon while Richard is working very hard gathering bricks the boss’s dog snarls and then bites Richard. Richard thought he might die because all those who have been bit by the dog have become extremely Ill.

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Richard then takes It upon himself to tell his “white” boss but the boss says “A dog bite can’t hurt a Niger’ which makes Richard quit. Summary 8 Richard is once again looking for a Job but his searches land him at a local sawmill. But he leaves many of the workers have missing arms so he thinks the Job is unsafe and quits immediately and thinks to himself that he will only focus on school. Richard is felling very sad because he can’t find a Job and is very hungry but get’s some great sews that he is named valedictorian of his class.

The principle congratulates Richard for his success but then tells Richard he cannot read his own speech to the audience because they will be mostly white. He tells Richard that If he reads his own speech then he will not graduate but Richard does not care and reads his own speech anyway. Knowing the consequences for reading and completing his speech at the graduation he storms out of the graduation and then thinks he Is old enough to take on the real world. With everyone there are specific obstacles god has set forth for a errors to be tested.

In chapter 9 Richard has to get through Racism and criticism from those around him on an everyday basis. Chapter 9 Summary Richard is able to find a job at a clothing store but this may add up to be the worst job he has ever had. The employees humiliate blacks on a everyday basis because they feel African American people are not equal to them. He is forced to watch a black woman beaten because she couldn’t pay for the services she had received leaving Richard to feel small and helpless. After seeing this Richard makes deliveries which involve brutal attacks from strangers and the police force.

He then learns he can trust no one and It Is better off all alone. Chapter 6 Analysis Head of household is a huge responsibility for a young man especially for one with no guidance. Railcar NAS taken It upon enamels to Tina a Joy In order to take care AT himself and his family. Richard thinks that because his father ran out on him and his family he has to pick up the role of a father in order to provide for his family. But doing so can Richard be able to live his own life one day and be able to take care of his family in the process?

The answer to this question will change Richards life forever. Chapter 7 Analysis The choices one makes can change the lives of others forever. While trying to help his mother with her severe health condition he has to balance the life of his mother and the safety of his brother. While doing so Richard has to decide whether family is more important or is his personal ambition of making it out the north stronger. Whether he chooses family or personal ambition in the end it will still leave him with the decision to leave his life behind or get a Job and forget about school.

These are qualities of an everyday black man which every male needs to know in order to sacrifice for the great of good. Chapter 8 Analysis It is important to find the right career to bring happiness to yourself and provide for your family. Richard is put in a position where he needs to find a Job but each one he gets he ends up quitting because of the boss and how they treat him. Also each job he finds risks his personal safety. While taking a minute to stop and think Richard thinks that the cruel intentions of white people are not worth the price of family.

Which in theory Richard chooses family. Chapter 9 Analysis Dealing with Racism is a factor for all people of color. Ata young age it is still hard to ignore someone when they humiliate you everyday because of the color of your skin. This has been a problem that has lasted for generations and may be a problem that some will never get over. Unfortunately Richard has to learn at rays of age that Racism is almost stalking him. Richard is put in a position where he thinks he has to come to peace with cruel intentions of the white people before him.