Here is one of the most famous voices known by many love ones. She has one of the most recognizable faces in the world. Her name was Marilyn Monroe. Marilyn struggled with stuttering her whole life. This paper will teach you a little more about this famous actress. It will also talk about what her life, achievements and disability was like for her.   Marilyn Monroe is just her stage name, Marilyn actual name is Norma Jean Mortenson. Marilyn was born in 1926. She suffered a lonely and traumatic childhood. Marilyn’s mother, Glady, couldn’t care for her. At the age of six, her mother was put in the mental hospital. Then a family friend Grace came to take care of Marilyn when her mother couldn’t. But when Grace could no longer take care of Marilyn. She was placed in orphanage called Orphans Home Society in Los Angeles. For seven years, Marilyn went from home to home, but that wasn’t the worst part for her. It was going to school, being known as an orphan who wore the same outfit everyday. She would stutter and pause so much that she confused the other actors into a total confusion. She attempted suicide twice, went through four husbands, and had a secret baby with John F. Kennedy, She had stress from her personal life.Zanuck hired her with a seven year contract. She was elected to play a dumb – blonde that played the role of a  secretary in “In As Young As You Feel”. As an actress, she knew her lines perfectly and even won movie roles. Later, Marilyn was recognized by Joe Dimaggio. She soon became famous because she was a model, singer and actress. Marilyn started out modeling for a couple of years. But when people saw her picture on the cover of a magazine, they would fall in love with her. She dyed her hair color from brown to blonde and became even more famous than before. She won the award of Most Promising Female Newcomer of 1952. Seven years later, she won another award for Crystal star in 1959. Marilyn Monroe also struggled with stuttering. Sometimes, she would avoid stuttering by changing words or using extra sounds. She would also avoid situations  that required her to talk. She had taken prescription drugs for her disability. She went to get help from her speech therapist. The therapist even told her to deliberately breathing to speaking, could guide her to fluency speaking. Marilyn had difficulty in pronouncing words. People assume her death has been suicide because of her past.This paper told you a lot about Marilyn Monroe and what she went through. It started out when she was an orphan. When her mother couldn’t care for her anymore. She struggled with stuttering which not a lot of people knew about her. She became famous and started modeling, singing and being an actress. But stuttering didn’t stop her there because she went on. Even though she had a disability that didn’t stop her from doing what she want to do. She had the freedom to make a choice in what she wanted to do.