Historical Fiction Definition
trade books or narrative stories that are sed in the past and based on historical fact.

Why HF appropriate to teach history?
Children have a very limited understanding of time and a story told though a narrtive text provides children with a temportal scaffolding for istorical understanding that is accesible to young chldren. HUmab beings tendio think in terms of narrative stuctures of story grammer anyway wich involves charactered forumulating goals and then soliving problems in order to achieve those goals.
Trade books over Textbooks
History texts too much breadth over depththe people are missing in textHF presents multiple perspectives
what makes goods HF?
not sugarcoated. accurate.

Dialogue may be added to add intered but it must remain accurate. Period must come to life. patterns of life at the time and te spirt of the time must be as it was then. eat?live? History of the time is usuall revealed through the eyes of the protagonist. Avid too much historical detail

Types of HF 
1. Events that happened before the life of the author2. A contemporary novel that becomes historical fact with the passing of time.

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3. Author chronicles his/her own life.4. Protagonist travels back in time.5. Novel speculates about alternative historical outcomes.

Modern Fantasy Definition
Elements that violate the natural laws of nature ( something that can’t happen in the world as we know it. EG talking animals, imginary worlds, time travel, fanciful characters.

Modern fantasy must…
must have strong beleiveable chracters and should examine the issues of the human condition, the universal truths found in any well-written book.
laws that are established in “another world” must be kept constant.
Categories of modern fantasy
1. Toys and Objects: Pinocchio, Carlo Collodi2.

Tiny Humans: Borrowers, Mary Norton3. Peculiar Charac/sit: Mary Poppins, P.L. travers4. Imaginary Worlds: Alice’s Ad.

in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll.5. Magical Powers: The Chocolate Touch, Patrick Catling6.Supernatural tales: Wait Till Helen Comes, a ghost story by Mary Downing Hahn,7. Time-Warp: A swiftly Tilting Planet, Madeline L’Engle8.

High Fantasy: The High King, lloyd Alexander

6 basic fantasy motifs
1. magic2. Other worlds3. Good Vs Evil4.

Heroism5. special character type6. fantastic objects

Science Fiction
Differs in fantasy not in subject matter, but in aim which suggests a story MAY come true in the future. Rooted in scientific fact.
Modern Fantasy why good
good fantasy tells truth about life. clarifies the human condition and captures the essence of our deepest, emotions, dreams etc.

Its use of metaphors speeds understanding, interest, and adds emotional appeal. straightforward informational writing does not create the same emotional impact when dealing with topicslike death: Charlottes Web

orginated orally has no author
brothers from germany
wilhem and jacob grimm. collected stories as they heard them.

exactly as they were told to them

French Man collected stories for Louis XIV
Charles Perrault, softened tales
British, 3 little pigs, little red hen
Joseph Jacobs
“just so stories”
Hans Christen Anderson, Rudyard Kiplings-modern fantasy, wrote orginal tales.
held to a different standard
flat characters, backdrop, magical numbers, plots are simple and direct. universal themes
types of TF
Cumulative-old ladypourquoi- why the mos.beast tales-3 little pigstrickster tales-anansi and the spidernumbskull-hans in luckrealistic tales-dick whittingtons catfairy tales-cinderellatall tales-old stormalongfables-haste makes wastelegends robin hood