It summarized the topics which will be covered and noted relevant Journals that will be drawn on, which made me conscious and prepared for the rest of the essay. The High Distinction essay was very similar and had the same impact, although it did not note relevant literature In the Introduction. However, It presented an excellent front page cover with all relevant unit Information. In both essays, the question of the essay was directly addressed and correct paragraph structure and concluding sentences were applied.

Both followed a set plan and the complete essay flowed without getting off the topic. Relevant literature and various sources were well used and supported by references and evidence, own expression of thought, explanations and examples to the literature was also provided and presented well. A great list of references was correctly written according to the PAP referencing. On the contrary, the High Distinction essay provided excellent information for the reader at the end of the essay which included information of the individuals discussed.

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In summary, the high quality essays demonstrated a great understanding of the relevant topic, both presented clear and readable written expression and presentation, including correct spelling, grammar, proper use of sentences and paragraphs, and academic style. In contrast, there was a remarkable difference with the lower quality example essays, such as the Pass and Credit essay. It provided a very poor presentation with poor structure and argument. Firstly, the introduction did not directly address the question.

It did not introduce what topics will be covered and it did not indicate what relevant literature will be used or the summary of the problem. However, the Credit essay presented a better front page cover with all appropriate unit information. The paragraphs did not have a correct structure and were not appropriately placed into different topics. There did not seem to be a set plan followed, although an attempt was made, however it appeared slightly confusing. There needed to be more information for each topic in the paragraphs, although the credit essay included mom relevant arguments supported with references and evidence.

But mostly lack of reference to relevant theory and inadequate expression of own thought and examples to the literature provided. References were not correctly presented and the conclusions were weakly summarized. The Credit essay Included page numbers and question of the essay on each page, which can be helpful as it can be a reminder of ten topic. In summary, ten lower quality example essays demonstrated a poor understanding of the relevant topic; both presented poor written expression, and ailed to provide adequate spelling and grammar, proper use of sentences and paragraphs, and academic style.

It appeared too simple and more effort could have been prepared and applied. How did you use the knowledge gained from critiquing the example essays to prepare and structure your essay? The example essays presented a great demonstration of what a higher quality example essay may look like compared to a poor quality example essay. The knowledge gained from observing different types of essays was great in terms of understanding what criteria an excellent essay needs to meet in order to obtain an excellent mark.

I will use the higher quality example essays to prepare my own with a set plan followed. The plan will be to first identify the topic, identify appropriate research sources and summaries correct literature. I believe that in the introduction a summary of the problem needs to be included; therefore I will directly address the relevant topic. I will attempt to have paragraphs correctly structured with separate topics and all arguments or discussions supported by relevant literature and resources.

My conclusion will be a summary of the topics covered and the arguments. I will also provide at least five Journal articles/books and apply correct PAP style of referencing. The presentation of my essay will need be clear and readable. Correct spelling and grammar, sentences and paragraphs will also be administered. The essay will also confirm word length requirement. In summary, my essay will consist of four components, the introduction, body, conclusion and references and include a set plan followed.