Hillsborough has an elaborate health care plan with a resolute mission statement which promises providence of quality health care to county’s medically poor citizens who are eligible for the plan and lack other medical coverage. All this it has to do within available resources.

The mission entailed in the plans mission statement is to be attained through a number of goals some of which include the promotion of not only efficient but also effective access to services in health care within the county, promotion of coordination among the agencies concerned with both social and health issues, motivation and education of the program participants and/or beneficiaries to take responsibility for their health and Structuring not only reimbursements but also other incentives to support achieving the other goals stated above.

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However, the goals as set may be achieved, partly achieved or failed. This means that the program that manages the health care in Hillsboro is successful but not entirely and this therefore does not mean that the health care in Hillsboro lacks challenges. This paper seeks to highlight the top five health care issues or challenges in Hillsboro. Further, the paper suggest some recommendations that spell out what needs to be done to improve the state of health care in Health care in Hillsboro.