History of Meth729 Methamphetamine is a drug that has been around or decades. Stated by Montgomerycountytn. org, begging in 1887 meth, which was not called meth yet, was used developed a cure for diseases by Lazar Edelen from Germany. Around 1893 Methamphetamine was synthesized by a chemist the name of Nagayoshi Nagi. Years Later in 1919 a Japanese chemist Akira Ogata turned meth into a crystallized form giving it the named crystal meth. Ogata was able to do this by reduction of ephedrine using iodine.

When they first invented methamphetamine it did not have a use. Nor a particular medical condition disease by the 1920’s they started trying the drug everything from depression to the common cold. One of the earliest uses of methamphetamine occurred during world war 11. The German military dispensed meth freely to both tank crews and air craft crews. Chocolate was often dosed with meth and given to the soldiers on a daily basis. The original name for the pills given to the Nazi soldiers was Pervitin. Made by a company called the Temmler.

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The drug could keep the soldiers alert and ready at all times. According to addictionsearch. com, Adolf Hitler did not only force meth tablets into all his soldiers, but for the last three years of his life received daily IV injections of methamphetamine. This was done to treat Parkinson’s disease and depression in his body. In Japan the drug got into the hands of the people and they called it Shabu. Japan banned meth use in 1950. The USA in 1983 the federal government passed laws to make it illegal to have the ingredients and supplies to manufacture meth.

Also in 1986 simple-ways-to-make-meth. com says Federal Controlled Substance Analogue Enforcement Act got passed to try to stop the drug craze. California is the major state was meth is produced especially in San Diego which is called the meth capital of USA. According to livestrong. com, in 1990 2. 7 percent of high school students reported using meth. In 2010 4. 8 percent of high school students used meth. Meth is no joke, younger and younger crowds are getting into meth. On redding. om, on October 25 of this year a local Redding man was shot killed by Shasta County deputies. The young 26 year old were a hard worker and father whose life turned to crime and violence, due to his meth addiction. The Man under the influence of Methamphetamine grabbed a deputy’s baton and started beating the deputies. Despite efforts by law enforcement, crystal meth is still a problem in Shasta County. With the help of the Happy Birds we hope to put an end to the dangerous drug.