In the most recent movie, Sherlock Holmes (2009), the main characters, plot, setting, theme, and style have many similarities with Dole’s original arterial, but also have many unique characteristics that I feel make the modern interpretation more engaging. The target audience of Sherlock Holmes (2009) Is a younger audience that needs to be engaged the minute the story begins. So, In making the movie, the director chose to place a high tension, high action scene at the beginning, which seizes the audience’s attention and coerces them to continue watching.

This is very different from the short story model that Doyle used in creating “The Adventures of The Speckled Band” in that the introduction must come first, followed by rising action until the climax occurs. I feel that the unexpected way the movie lays out its plot is more effective In winning the audience’s attention and keeping It. To further engage the audience, the movie Illustrates the setting very explicitly -as with most movies- and often times takes time before the start of the scene to emphasize the setting.

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This contrasts drastically with the short story that left out many details about setting unless they were significant to the plot line, which is necessary to keep the length manageable. Doyle may have chosen to do this because e was writing stories about the current time period, thus not needing to explain setting details because the current audience was familiar with the mannerisms and other characteristics of the time. Since I am not acquainted with the world In which the stories are set in, I prefer the way the movie showed exactly where it was taking place and left many clues as to the exact time period.

I also found that there was a great difference between the main characters in the two mediums. In the short story, Holmes was described as well dressed and clean shaven, which is nearly the opposite of how Robert Downy Jar. Arrayed him; however there were so many movies made previously showing Holmes exactly as Doyle described him that the change gave advantage to the movie and made It stand out. Watson was also shown very differently in the movie, as he was nearly as intelligent as Holmes and often has to take care of his friend Sherlock Holmes.

In the story however, Watson does not follow how Holmes deduces most things and must have them explained to him at the end, the doctor also does not have to keep Holmes in line as much as he had to in the movie. In this element of fiction I don’t prefer one or en toner; I thank Tanat Don are unlike out ten movie Is eagled. On the other hand, there is also a similarity between the two in regard to the prevailing theme, which I believe is “good triumphs evil”, which is consistent with most mystery stories.

In both the “good” were Holmes and Watson, in the book the “evil” was Mr.. Royalty, and in the movie the “evil (Doyle) (Archie)” was Lord Blackfoot. Looking deeper into each of the themes, you could say that another theme of the movie was “fear is a powerful weapon”, because Blackfoot used fear to control and manipulate the public. For the short story, a secondary theme was chivalry, because Miss Stoner is somewhat of a “damsel in distress”, because she didn’t have the means to pay Holmes, and her father was beating her.

I didn’t particularly like the theme of chivalry because Miss Stoner was so helpless, however I did like the themes in the movie, perhaps because they’re more relevant for this era. Another common element between the two was the element of suspense; however the way it was created in each was quite different. In the movie, they had many more resources to create suspense than the book, like music, lighting and body language. In the book they are at a bit of a disadvantage, but Doyle creates suspense well by strategically choosing words with suspenseful connotations, and describing the setting mysteriously.

Personally, I felt more suspense in the movie because of the high tempo music and the pressing time limit at the climax. There was also a crow that seemed to appear when there was death in the movie, which fashioned a sense of foreshadowing and thus created suspense. Considering all of these elements of fiction, I believe it’s fair to say that using modern technologies the story of Sherlock Holmes is wholly enhanced and can really mom alive.