How to use military strategy for better habits the military is the best place to be a strong person and to learn good habits. It is difficult and requires plans but we can always learn to improve our lives and make good habits. The art of war by sun-tzu is a world-famous military book. Sun tzu was a chinese military tactician. The book is about military policies and strategies. In this book he explains about how you can win any war with some advice and plans and you can even win a war without fighting. his advice was used many times by many great military leaders. and it is still being used in the military training of armies of many countries. The teachings of sun-tzu are successfully used in business and sports. Lets see how we can learn something from his teachings and apply in daily lives. He will win who knows when to fight and when not to fight. it means that you should have clarity about what you want to achieve which good habit you want to learn and bad habit you want to get rid of. You should know your priorities and challenges. An example from the book says you can be sure in succeeding in your attacks if you only attack places which are undefended. It means you will succeed in achieving those habits which are easy to maintain. Workout for 2 hours every day will be more difficult to follow than 1 hour of workout for 3 days a week. It is more acceptable for you and to follow it. Another important point is timing. He says that it is best to attack your enemy forces when they are weak and tired. In terms of building good habits it means timing must be right for you if you are doing something and in a suitable environment with proper strategies. You cant write or read a book in the room with your children. For example- if you want to eat healthy food buy only healthy food from the supermarket. If you want to write a book then search for a quiet place. If you are gyming to lose weight dont jump directly to difficult or athletic routine start with simple and slowly increase your capacity. It is also important to have a unique plan. You cant learn all the good habits in few days. Make plane which you can follow and prepare yourself for it. For example if youre planning for a startup then you should be prepared and should have a unique idea. It may seem easy to follow it but in real life we cant-do it or if start we cant finish it. So win small battles build habits that are easy to do improve your position. Become stronger and win the war.