Parliament can vote against governmental proposals and block them, thus insuring that they do not become self-interested or corrupt; this ensures that the UK Is considerably democratic. Each person has an MM to promote and represent their personal Interests, allowing them a voice In parliament. However, the level of democracy in the UK is significantly hindered by the fact that Parliaments checks don’t have the authority to impose meaningful regulations.

Due to the fact that Parliament is sovereign , has ultimate power, it is responsible for regulating itself; this can often be ineffective thus eroding the level of Democracy in the UK. This is accentuated by the actions of Maria Miller In April 2014, where she effectively stole EYE,OHO and was only forced to pay E,800 In reparations after public outcry and several Investigations. This shows how flawed the UK parliament Is as too much power and jurisdiction that lays in the hands of The MSP.

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This is mirrored by the houses of Lord’s, an unelected institution that maintains significant power and influence in the legislation making process. Due to the fact that the lords are unelected they are not accountable to anyone or a constituency and do no have to represent anyone’s views but their own. This results In a substantial drop in democracy In the UK as It removes the power of the people and hands It to unelected Individuals. Democracy Is also Increased significantly by the Implementation of Pressure Groups.

Pressure Groups are important for democracy because they help to represent people’s interests and wishes between elections. In particular they are useful for taking a closer look at specific policies and how they affect certain groups, thus they can represent the views of people who otherwise may be overlooked. Not only does this encourage participation but It also decidedly Increases the level of necromancy In the UK as more people’s views are being represented. This Is predominantly shown in the thousands of people who came out to protest for the save Gaza campaign.

The fact alone that people have the right and the ability to openly disagree with governmental policy shows vast levels of democracy in the I-J. On the other hand, pressure groups also decrease the Democracy in the UK as they are unelected and often do not represent all the people’s wishes and thusly the people have no guarantee that the pressure groups will act in the best interests. Furthermore the methods employed by said Groups can also have massively negative effects on society as well as the democracy In the I-J. Demonstrations and March’s oaten spiral out AT control, analog up In rolls or mass looting .

Nils was seen In 2 when an anti-tuition fee demonstration, organized by the NUNS, turned sour and ended up causing major damage to parts of London and several government buildings. Whilst these riots eventually subsided it did have the knock on effect of significantly damaging the reputation of Democracy in the I-J. Another factor that notably expands the Democracy in the I-J is the uses of fair and free elections. Elections can be seen as the basis for all Democracies as they enable the other features of a government to function at their full potential.

Elections allow the people to seize control because they can choose the party to vote for e. G. Threat of removal. This forces the government to consider the interests of the people alongside their own personal agendas. This safeguard enables the people to maintain control over the government even when not being included directly in the decision making process, thus bolstering the height of Democracy in the I-J. This is perhaps best slighted by the 2010 coalition between the conservatives and the Liberal Democrats, where 59% of the population’s votes created the majority government.

In contrast to this, the use of First Past the Post (PPTP) does not accurately represent the majority of the people’s views because the person with the highest number of votes wins in other words only a simple majority is required. The ending result of this is to effectively alienate the other people who did not vote for the person with the highest number of votes, this can end up with tactical voting. The impact of this it decrease he Auk’s democracy as it may not represent the majorities views and man people’s votes are completely wasted.

A prime example of this is the 2010 elections, where the Liberal Democrats received 23% of the Auk’s votes but only 8. 6% of the seats in the parliament. In the same election Nicola Blackfoot received 42. 3% of the vote but her closest rival received 42%, over 50% of the voter’s votes have been wasted. This reduces the amount of democracy in the UK as PPTP does not fully represent the people. Finally, a democratic country aims to have an accountable government that serve the best interests of the people it is governing.

The I-J is a liberal democracy which ensures that citizens have a say in governmental system. But because the I-J has no written constitution theoretically, the government is free to pass any laws as long as they have the majority in parliament which could be easily achieved if the party has a large majority of seats. This means there is no safeguard for laws that can be altered or new ones that could be created. This is very undemocratic as the government has too much power which can be abused; this defeats the point of a democracy where the people are supposed to have ultimate authority.