Times change but concerns and worries do not” discuss this statement with reference to the poems studied. In this essay will be writing about the poems ‘commanding’ by Percy Shelley, ‘I remember, I remember’ by Thomas Hood, The darling thrush’ by Thomas Hardy and ‘To the virgins, make much of time’ by Robert Heroic. I will be writing about how the poems address the subjects of time and change and the worries and concerns of the people and how the poets show their opinions though their poems.

In Percy Abysses Shelley poem ‘scandals’ he writes bout an Egyptian pharaoh, scandals also known as rampages 2nd, that wanted him name and his power over men to live on forever. “My name Is scandals, King of kings; Look on my works, ye mighty and despair” This quotation shows scandals was an arrogant man. ‘king of kings’ he sees himself as the most Important powerful king to have ever ruled over any country.

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Another quote that proves his arrogance is ‘Look upon my work, ye mighty and despair’ he threatens us with all the achievements that have been accomplished hiccough include anything room the building of new pyramids or temples, to wars won. “nothing remains round the decaf ‘nothing remains’ nothing remains applies to all aspects of the time commanding came from, nothing remains of commandants life and legacy, nothing remains of his statue, nothing remains of his life, nothing can remain around his statue in the middle of a desert.

This is also proved by the “round the Decca part of the quote. Commanding thought he was all powerful and forcefully but nature and time are always more powerful and destroyed his land and statue and caused his cagey to be forgotten showing how times changed. In Thomas hoods poem “l remember, I remember” hopeless the same theme but shows a different side of how time can change lives. In this poem Hood is mourning over his lost childhood and the memories he has and how he realizes that he hasn’t got very long to live.

He starts every verse with the same line “l remember, I remember” Showing that this poem is about hood’s remixing on his childhood and writing about his memories and his feelings and opinion on how things have changed. Each verse starts and end allowing the same structure, beginning talking about how happy and innocent he was as a child and talking about death and ending on a depressing note. “the little window where the sun Came peeping every morn He never came a wink to soon Nor brought a day too long” Hood sees the sun as pleasant friendly, and has given the sun a human profile by using the word ‘he’ personifying the sun.

Also the sun Is generally seen as a happy thing giving heat and light and allowing life showing how hood’s childhood was a better time for him. “but now I often wish the night Has erne my breath away” This shows that Thomas Is now unhappy as an adult with his life to the point that he wishes he’d died as a child when everything seem happier and more Innocent but now as an adult his life Is a lot more sinister. Borne my breath away he wishes he’d died In his sleep UN aware he had died so nothing would change to him. “my spirit flew in feathers then That is so heavy now” Hood has used Imagery Ana a metaphor to snow now lag NT Nils conscious Ana soul was when en was a child that is so heavy now shows that things he has done or been witness to have undaunted him and made him feel more down, and shown the side of adulthood he didn’t see as a child.

Thomas hood’s poem shows how times can change on a small scale in a matter of decades, as he got older he lost his childhood innocence and realizes how terrible the world is and how much him and his surroundings have changed. “gather ye rose buds while ye may’ Robert is using imperative language instructing young virgin girls to use what youth has given them as it won’t last long. “and the same flower that smiles today tomorrow will be dying”