I had made several attempts to get in contact with my father and grandparents while I was growing up but never had any luck with what little information I could get from my mother. But I never gave up the search I knew one day the mystery would be over. I remember clearly getting a phone call from my younger brother who had gotten a phone number where I could get a hold of my dad I was feeling overwhelmed and nerves all at the same time. My brother proceeded by telling me he had already call and talked to him this time It was for real.

He knew how vital It was for me to know who my dad was so he made sure before he got my hopes up for nothing. Therefore, I tell my brother to hold on so I can call him on a conference call were we can both speak to him at the same time. Therefore, I made the call I had been waiting for all my 29 years he answers by the sound of this man voice I know he was as nerves as I was and I believe very emotional. We talked for a while about his life and why he wasn’t there for us.

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He spoke of a time that he had found us and my other didn’t want him anywhere around us I had remembered a conversation I had over heard my mother having when I was about eight years old. He told us he had been in prison for 20 years of his life after that and I had heard that to so there must be some truth to It. After my father told me everything he could think about himself I told him about me, I told him about what I did for a loving, that I was married and had three children two girls and one boy. I could hear the excitement In his voice as he asked me and my brother when we would be able to meet.

My brother told him we old drive down to Georgia in about a week he was so eager to meet us he offered to pay for our gas and hotel. So a week past by and my brother changed his mind about going, I had not I was going with my family. We drove for 13 hours from Houston TX. To Calhoun GA. Finally we arrived at my home town were my father lived. First time to see my home town and my dad, we meet him at wall-mart in the parking lot. I thought it was going to be as you see on TV but it was different I didn’t know what I was feeling when I seen him he looked like someone I would warn my family to ATA away from.

I didn’t know at that time If It was because he was happy and inundated that he seemed strange or there was something wrong with him. So we leave wall-mart and go to the hotel, all I wanted to do was sleep. Because I was the one that drove the last 11 hours where as everyone else sleep. My husband, father, and children left bowling so I could get some rest. Later on that evening we had gone to my step Trotters mouse so I could meet ml, teeny Invitee us Tort Loner teeny were very nice people.

I asked his wife what was wrong with my father and she told me he as on drugs it kind of made sense now why he was Jittery, itching, and scratching all over. My mother had worn me about him being on drugs but I had to see for myself. After I had spend three day with him I understood what my mother was trying to tell me all along that my father was no good, sometime we have to see thing for ourselves before we believe word of mouth. After finding out that my father was an addict I realized that I had not miss him in my life after all. I learned that sometimes having a father isn’t all it seems to be.