How is history deleted in the AVG Internet Security?

With the modernization and advancement of technology, privacy has a major role to perform. Nobody knows how hackers enter into your PC and steal all the private details and then, your life comes to a standstill. AVG is designed to eradicate all this menace and secure the data confidentially. It also allows your browser to prevent from the sites that may harm the computer and hamper its functioning. AVG Customer Support has travelled every nook and corner to initialize the security of the user and provides multitudinous tips that can help you to know how to secure it farther.

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Sometimes, you want your browsing to remain secret and do not want any other user to peep in to your history and know when and where you accessed. This software allows deleting your history in just few moments with the help of its virus scanner.


 How to do it?

1.     Open the AVG, follow your spreadsheet and visit your archives.

2.     From the history, check on the report or the past data where you will get the dates and results of scan here.

3.     The Ctrl key on your keyboard will solve all the issue of deleting multiple entries. You just have to press the key along with hitting the entry of previous surf.

4.     Follow the first step of moving in the history and then choose the 2nd element. Event history log must be chosen from the options where the scanning and updating occurs.

5.     On opening, clear the list. Hit the YES option at the message that will be displayed.

6.     It is the third time when you need to open the history and select the Virus Vault from the menu.

7.     Complete the procedure by making it empty. Select all and delete it wholly. Verify it by hitting the yes button.


You can take help from our experts through AVG Helpline Number if you found any error in the guidelines. Our experts work day and night for the effective satisfaction of our customers. You can contact us anytime. We are happy to assist you.