There Is a time In everyone’s life when he or she may wish to be a police officer. Most of the time It Is when you are a little kid. There are some of us who want to be a police officer when we are older. Since I was a little kid I have wanted to be a police officer and I will do whatever It takes to become one. However, there are a few requirements I must meet before becoming a police officer. Ever since I was a child I wanted to become a police officer. While growing up I would watch Miami Vice, 21 Jumpstarted, and many more police shows on television.

But it was not until I was a teenager that I really wanted to become a policeman. One evening I was watching television, there on the ten o’clock news was my good friend, she had been murdered by her boyfriend. She was stabbed several times in her chest. L was so sad because of her death and what made me disappointed was that her boyfriend was found not guilty. When I heard he was getting away free, at that moment, I wanted to become a police officer. I want to make sure that no criminals get away with murdering someone Innocent, the way my friend was murdered.

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There are three direct police services that an officer may perform. The three services are patrol, traffic, and criminal Investigation (barker, 1 996,IPPP). Patrol officers are placed In specific areas in the public doing surveillance and response to any call of criminal activity. Their job is to maintain the public safety. Officers also respond to calls that are not crime- related. For example if someone’s child has run away, patrol officers are called to help. Traffic officers deal with watching vehicles during traffic. Traffic officers make ere traffic runs smoothly and investigate traffic accidents.

A criminal investigator is the best type of officer you can become. You must look for alleged criminals, gather evidence for criminal proceeding, or recovered stolen items. But what interested me the most In all the respect you can receive from people. Also you have many criminals afraid of you because of the power you have over them. I Like when you have little children come up to you and say hello and they want to be a policeman Like you. It makes you feel good to have all that respect from children and eave criminals afraid of you.

Another aspect that interested me about being a police officer is that I would be able to carry a gun. I always liked cowboy movies when the good guy plays with his gun before he shoots the bad guys. Before I could become a police officer I have a few requirements to accomplish. First I must take a written examination given by the department. After I take the written examination, I must take a medical examination, psychological examination, and a physical agility examination (requirements/NYPD, www. NYPD. Com, 11/16/99). After I take all the examinations, I would have to go through a background and character investigation.

Once all the testing Is over and I become twenty-one years old, I must show proof that I am a United States citizen, (have sixty college credits with at least a 2. 0 G. P. A or two years of active military training, have a New York State drivers license without restriction, have not been convicted of a felony, and be a resident of New York City). To help me get some of these things faster, I signed up for police cadets. There I will train Walt real Tie police emcees Ana a guarantee AT Decaling police emcees hen I become twenty-one years of age.

When you are a policeman you have many benefits. Your starting pay is $34,970 a year and grows to $60,027 after five years (requirements/NYPD, www. NYPD. Com, 11/16/99). You also get a choice of paid medical and dental programs for you and your family, twenty paid vacation days your first year and after five years you can get twenty-seven paid vacation days, plus you get unlimited sick leave with full pay. After twenty years of service, you are entitled optional retirement at one half your regular salary. Being a female officer is en of the hardest Jobs a woman can get.

Many men make fun of ladies when they’re in their uniforms. Many female officers have to hear many sexists remarks from their fellow male officers. Some even get sexual harassed by their higher superior (Peterson, 1979, IPPP). Some men don’t feel right when a woman has so much power over them. Many men laugh if a women officer approaches them because they don’t mind if they get searched. But a good thing about women officers is that they are the only ones who can search females on the street (Peterson, 1979, pappy).

Male officers eave to be tough to take on the criticism from all the men they work with and from the public. Being a police officer is a dream to me. By accomplishing all the requirements I have to take, I will become Officer Ortega. Being a part of the New York Police Department is going to be challenging for me but I will do best that I can for my family and friends. I will especially dedicate my work to my friend Maria Vega who was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend. She is the person who inspired me to become a policeman. I want to make sure that no criminals get away with murdering innocent people.