Actually, the main reason of your failures is within us. We create the world surrounding us by ourselves. Why does it happen? Why somebody achieves success, others do not? What we should do to achieve the goals? To become rich and successful you should model someone who is rich and successful. First, before starting a business, you should imagine a result in the form of an accurate picture. We have to Imagine accurately what we want to receive, how your world and environment will be like, what will change in ourselves, how much money, communications and possibilities it will bring.

A developed desire is the first step to reach the dream. It becomes the basis for the further development and Increase of level of the material well-being in your life. If you are an author of your own desire to become rich, you will realize that it works. You should think accurately that you can create something new or modernize something which has already existed, and It can increase your incomes. It is often possible to hear that being engaged in “your” business helps to construct quite successfully career and become rich. However, it is not easy to find “your” business.

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You should think a lot and be sure that you will not ail before opening the business which is the closest toy. It means to listen to yourself, to analyze the life fairly almost since the childhood, to understand your successes. If something that you wish to be engaged In and that you achieved are connected among them, it should convince you to try yourself in this business. Certainly, you can open potential in that activity which has selected from your heart. If you are allocated by good skills, knowledge and understanding of the matter. It will be easier to you to realize and to achieve your goal- to become rich.

However, you just estimate also negative consequences of your decision. You should think what negative consequences and risks will appear In the future and how you can use these risks like an advantage by running them. Second, business is a financial knowledge. We must learn to distinguish the active income from passive, precious metals from shine. Let necessary to have the alms which will Include accurate strategy. The basic levels of this plan: reserve maintenance (on force-measure case), the security plan (expenses exceed your incomes), the plan of comfort and the plan of richness.

You must write down a way as you will achieve them In a common form so that even a five-years-old child could understand them. Having the general skills how to use money should do not stop you. You must always improve financial skills to become the qualified Investor, businessman, or financier. There are not many ways to get knowledge independently. The first way is books. Their quantity is very much and each beginner always faces a difficulty of a choice. The second Is specialized sites in ten Internet, Tort example, ten sleet www. Nucleation. Our. I nee Tanta Is vaulting lectures ND seminars.

You should not be mistaken with a choice not to get on the meetings of “builders” of “a financial pyramid”. The fourth is watching training video programs and visiting online seminars. The fifth is a communication with those who have already become rich or have an experience in financial success will give you a sense of self-confidence and inspiration. The combination of all five ways will give you the best results. Third, people usually spend much time investing. Rich people learn to invest competently. You should be informed in what the richest people invest their none and how they have achieved success.

Then you should observe what allows others to achieve success, and get and use the most important information. The right information rules the world in our century. Do not wait until you have “enough” money to invest. You will end up with a larger account in the end if you start investing a small amount early and keep adding more regularly. Finally, many people do nothing to become rich and successful because they feel failure. You can be frightened when will reach financial freedom, and now you should simply check up he financial plan and be engaged in a self-training.

It will be great to make a list of your fears and study on it. You should remember that the true resource disappears behind a fear. Also you should not forget that life is the best teacher. Learn to accept lessons which are given to you by your life. If there is a failure, you can be idle, but also you can apprehend it as a lesson and a possibility to get experience and profit. You should be an optimist. I think it is necessary to undertake some steps to realization of the dream besides to dream.

I remembered the Joke when the person dreamt to win a lottery all life, but he has not bought any tickets. You should buy a notebook and write down everything you have made every day for execution of your dreams. You should not be frightened that all of our efforts are vain, and nothing occurs. Your diligence will pay off, if you find out unexpectedly things in your lives like new possibilities, new people and new meetings. But you will know that it is not an accident, you have drawn these people in your life, and you created the world around yourself.