I am asking for everyone’s support by determining the current strengths, and areas that need development as it relates to the sales team. This information will assist in determining our future staffing requirements. Our HRS department will lead staffing efforts. These efforts may lead to discoveries that may necessitate internal organizational changes necessary for a seamless transition. I am sure that sales will be watching very closely, and sales will feel threatened by the possibility of change ND losing their Jobs. This memo will address how management actions can affect employee behavior as well as affect productivity.

I will address management actions that align with employment laws, and those that are not In line with employment laws. I will also address the Importance of working In a diverse work environment. As management it is important that you maintain your usual efficiency, professionalism, and discretion, to ensure that you are aware of issues of low morale in employee behavior. I am relying on you to keep employees as motivated and informed as possible. As you are aware, management practices can affect employee performance, which ultimately affects the businesses market value.

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Negative management behavior can lead to absenteeism, turnover, and poor Job performance. We need to consider the economic consequences of our behavior as managers. The direct cost associated with negative manager behavior Includes: quality of productivity, quantity of productivity, grievances, accidents, compensation, and awards. The Indirect costs associated with poor management behavior Includes: low motivation, dissatisfaction, decline In frequency of contact, distortion of messages, loyalty decision making, distrust, disrespect, animosity, and opportunity cost.

These Doctors can cost ten company money In ten long run, odometer, I ask Tanat we try to control talk, and rumors, and to continue to communicate with employees by reassuring them of their worth to the company. We must continue to ensure that we provide a pleasant working relationship between management and staff. We must continue to provide a healthy and safe work environment for all. This brings me to management actions that align with employment law, and those that do not align with employment law.

Since we are restructuring the business, we ay find that we have to terminate some employees which mean we may receive some reports from the EEOC from disgruntled employees who believe that they were treated unfairly. As you know, the EEOC is federal regulatory agency that enforces nondiscrimination laws. We must make sure that we are not accused of unfair discrimination due to age or disability. Management cannot single out employees or prospective employees on the basis of age or because of a disability. We must ensure that when hiring or terminating and promoting employees that we are doing so in a manner that is fair.

We should make sure that we do not make decisions based on race, gender, national origin, age, disability, and religion. If we have to terminate employees we must ensure that we do not refer to their age as a reason for termination. We must also ensure that we do not refer to one’s gender as a reason for termination. Managers should not insinuate that our organization has enough males or females; therefore, we have to terminate their employment. If we do not follow EEOC guidelines, employees or prospective employees can file a formal complaint with the EEOC, if a complaint is filed the EEOC will contact Antinuclear if here is a case.

The EEOC will request further documentation, which means that Antinuclear should have documented practices and procedures as it relates to hiring and termination of employee’s. If an employee or perspective employee files a complaint with the EEOC, the EEOC may hold a fact finding conference during which an investigation will occur on Interclass premises. If the EEOC finds in favor of the employer they issue a “no cause” verdict at which case the matter stops. However, the charging party can re-file in 90 days if they believe the finding is unjust.

If the EEOC determines “cause,” the EEOC will give the company an opportunity to request reconciliation. This means the EEOC will assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable settlement. If both parties are satisfied and all terms are agreed upon, the matter is settled without the filing off lawsuit. If reconciliation fails, a right to sue notice is issued; usually the EEOC will file the suit against the employer. As managers one must be very clear about performance requirements and Job requirements as well as treat potential and existing employees fairly, and as individuals.

When evaluating individuals, we must do so fairly as per performance standards and Job requirements. To ensure that we continue to employ employees who enjoy their Jobs, and employees who enjoy coming to work, it is important that we continue to promote a diverse work environment. Some best practices to ensure a diverse work environment include management showing the employees integrity, equality, and respect. We must also make sure that we listen to what is being said and not to what we want to near. Learn to communicate Tally, Ana clearly. En conflict arises, vise, review, and revisit for a better, and clear understanding. Perhaps we should review the current diversity action plan. Our current diversity action plan contains: assessing our needs, keeping lines of communication open, defining goals, and evaluation. Perhaps we should also look at our current workforce to determine if it is indeed diverse enough to provide a broad range of ideas and perspectives. We are growing our business and in parallel increase our customer base, perhaps it would be advantageous for us to match our workforce diversity to that of the profile of respective clients and customers.