Human resources-Human resources are responsible for interviewing and recruiting new staff and placing workers. They also handle employee relations, payroll and training. Human resources plan, direct and coordinate the different functions of an organisation. For Sainsbury’s HR would make sure that employees are treated well and that they are being payed enough, they would also deal with any issues that some employees may feel in the work place. Finance-Finance is the part of an organisation that manages the money. The finance department work on the planning, organising and accounting for the company as well as controlling its company’s money. The finance department at Sainsbury’s would manage all of the money that they deal with and they would need to know where all of their money is going. Customer service-Customer service workers interact with customers on behalf of the company. They provide information about products and services, take orders, respond to customer complaints, and process returns. At Sainsbury’s, customer service would help customers when they need it and they are there for the customers at any time, customer service is now online as well meaning that customers can ask for assistance at any time. Marketing-marketing is the area that manages the marketing of a business. They can be responsible for several services or products, or be in charge of a single product and making sure that it is advertised well and people know about it is up to the business to decide what they do. At Sainsbury’s marketing would be in control of advertising and make sure that people recognise them as a reliable and trustworthy business. For Sainsburys this also includes all of their advertising ICT-The IT Department is responsible for everything in the business that is related to technology like self-service, checkouts, scanners or just the computers that employees may use. This department would be in charge of all of the technology in the company and maintaining it and also upgrading it to make sure that Sainsbury’s has the best technology available.