Each woman filled out the questionnaire and after al the Information was piled together and statements were released based on the findings. The main point that was found was even after many years, the volt was still extremely traumatized. Many symptoms were shown for various psychological problems for the victims. What was also found was the vellums reacted and coped differently, factors that affected this were age, time since rape, force used, prior sexual assault history, and others.

Another factor that was shown was that people reacted differently by how fast they were able to tell someone else about the incident ND how long after the incident were the police contacted. The victims were observed to see what were some social and psychological problems they were having so people could try to help them and future rape victims. RAIN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network), Effects of Sexual Assault (2009). Retrieved: . ?…. October 20, 2014. RAIN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network), Effects of Sexual Assault (2009).

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Retrieved. .. October 20, 2014. HTTPS://www. Rain. Org/get-information/effects-of- sexual-assault In this article the website lists a variety of different psychological effects of sexual assault. The article lists eighteen different effects. Underneath each effect a little description is given about that effect. You can also click the effect and it goes into further detail. Some have charts explaining to you factors with the effect others have paragraphs. The cite gives what the full definition, symptoms, and different ways to be treated.

At the bottom of the weapon a phone number is given for the National Assault Hooting, this way if a person needs help or needs someone to talk to there is someone to call. Having the number available could really affect meson’s life in a positive way after a really bad situation. Joyful Heart Foundation, Effects of Sexual Assault and Rape. Retrieved: October 29, 2014. Http://www. joyfulheartfoundatlon. Org/learn/sexual-assault-rape/effects- sexual-assault-and-rape In this article, all different types of psychological affects of sexual assault are discussed.

Effects on the body such as trauma are discussed. Mental disorders are discussed next with a description under each mental problem sexual assault can cause. The immediate physical effects of sexual assault are then listed. Next, the article talks about prolonged physical effects of sexual assault. Finally, their is a list of spiritual and emotional effects caused by sexual assault. Boy, Cameron. Assault on RSI/ ) Australian Institute AT I-amply statues. I en Impacts AT sexual women. Retrieved: http://www. Ifs. Gob. AU/ACS/pubs/sheets/ This article is a paper written by Cameron Boyd.

The paper is called ;The impacts of sexual assault on women. ; The paper is broken down into different sections to make it very easy to read. The first section is key issues in understanding impacts. Next psychological impacts, immediate and short term impacts are talked about. Trauma and post- traumatic stress disorder are described in the next part of the paper. Physical impacts are followed by community and social impacts of sexual assault. Finally, the paper concludes with resiliency and recovery followed by a summary.

RAIN (Rape Abuse Incest National Network), Who Are the Victims? Breakdown by Gender .. And Age. (2009). Retrieve October 20, 2014. HTTPS://www. Rain. Org/ …. Information/statistics/sexual-assault-victims In this article a variety of get- . Different statistics are given. The different statistics that are given include the number of woman on average who are raped, what chanced are for different psychological effects, chances of getting pregnant, the number of children and women who are raped, rape victims by race, and the number of men who rape women.

This is a very interesting article since it clearly breakdowns all the different statistics and is very easy to read. The numbers are alarming and makes you realize that this happens far too much (then again if it even happens once in the world than is too much). It really makes you think that this terrible action could occur to you or omen you know and care about. At the bottom of the page all of the site’s references are listed and yet again they have the National Assault Hotelier’s number.

Again, a person can see the number and call if they need to. Luther, Jessica W. , A List of College Football Rape Cases (2013). Retrieved October 20, 2014. ? http:// upward. Net/2013/09/26/a-list-of-college-football-rape-cases/ As we know rape is a problem that happens far too much in this country. This article does not even list every rape case, rather it lists some of the rape cases that have involved college oddball players. Many different cases are listed and the case is described.

It says what school was involved, what year the incident took place, but the author leaves the names anonymous. The amount of cases that involved these student athletes is appalling. These people are supposed to be representing their school in a positive way, instead they bring shame to their school. After the article people leave comments and they express how upset they are as well. This shows that some colleges need to take better action to ensure that this does not happen with anyone in their school.