Wally Graham appears distraught throughout the study, because he feels that his illness is simply being overlooked. Thus, he becomes extremely skeptical of the clinician’s clear diagnosis. However, throughout the study the doctor tries to console Wally through rationalization, by saying “nothing Is wrong?no cancer, no ulcer, not even gastritis. ” He continues by stating that all of Wally’s previous check-ups were clear as well. Yet, Wally gradually becomes angry because Wally in fact does and has let these painful sensations for a number of years.

The doctor tries to console Wally that his problem my have originated elsewhere, because even their most specific test, the stethoscope, didn’t even pick up an upset stomach. Wally actions with others also hint at paranoia, because he feels with out a legitimate disorder his Job may be on the line. Wally’s actions, and his constant preoccupation with the fear of cancer, and tests mammals It clearly show Wally to have a hypochondria disorder. Axis II: None

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Axis Ill: There is a great chance Wally actually feels the painful sensations he describes; however, there is Just no biological basis for it. Thus, his agonizing stomach pains, nausea, committing, and diarrhea may be an Incredible inconvenience for him. Yet, due to the fact that there Is no clinical and biological basis for these pains it is very likely that he suffers from Hypochondria, and these problems have originated outside the biological realm. Axis M.

Recent social and environmental sources of stress maybe his work supervisor coming restive, due to the fact that he was missing so much work, without a validated excuse. However, I do not believe this to be a high cause of stress to Wally. Axis V: I believe Wally scores in the upper ass’s on the Global Assessment of Functioning, for he functions well in society, however is sometimes taken back by his many ailments. Overall, Wally’s concentration has remained good, and his interest in work and leisurely activities has been high.

I reattempt Met noon I would treat Wally primarily tongue cognitive Demoniacal heresy, which would help Wally recognize and understand that his ailments are simply false beliefs driving his irrational fear of being sick. The therapist would most likely teach one to stop behavior that would lead to an increase in anxiety, such as body vigilance. The therapist may also use exposure therapy, to have Wally directly address his fears in a safe environment, where he can learn to adjust to his anxiety.