Gripper tried to become god like by cheating death and was unwished along with all followers. 0 Family values, all he dreams about is his family and what he did to try and save them. “Scan her again” The dog is the only part of his daughter he has/had. ј Ethics of science, How far is too far? With every advancement In science there have always been casualties. Einstein and the atom bomb. Representations 0 Robert Unveiled as Jesus. Unveiled takes it as his task/burden to save mankind, he doesn’t have the disease pure blood, pure of sin. He broadcasts refuge at the sea port from the virus (Sin) and death. L can provide food, I can provide shelter… ” The ere then comes from his own blood and he dies to save mankind from the virus/sin. He also spends three years searching for a cure, roughly the time that Jesus spent preaching on earth. ј The butterfly as the symbol of God’s will or intervention The virus as sin 0 Man changes God’s creations making Alice Sharpen seem god like, breaking one of the commandments, though shall not worship any other god. 0 The miracle cure as the apple In the Garden of Eden and the ensuing fall of mankind. (Alternate Reading) The virus could also represent the rapture or the end of times. Values and attitudes that are reinforced or challenged The advancement of science, is it always a good thing. How far is too far? If we cure everything than we are no longer men. 0 We value life but at what cost. 0 Challenges our value of control 0 Challenges our view on Christianity, would we recognize Jesus if he came back Intellectual links to War of the Worlds 0 Same genre type, near future. C] Same theme, God’s power Is greater than any of man’s creations. Ray develops responsibility of being a father, Robert understands son of god. Structured Like Handmaids Tale with the flashbacks. C] The evil also comes from within the planet or within mankind. Opening scene Measles reprogrammed engineered at a genetic level to be helpful. Sounds technical and complicated. Has to break it down to the car analogy to make it understandable. Ironically not every cop is a good cop. 010,009 clinical trials and 10,009 have been cured. 10009 is the area code for New York, NY. 0 Doctor is composed and calm. She’s wearing a feminine suit, has blonde hair, is slightly older and is English.

She also annunciates very well. This all combines to give the image of the powerful smart woman that commands so much respect in today’s society. Because she’s discovered the ‘cure’ for cancer she has essentially taken a bite from he tree of life and is spreading it to Adam hence beginning the fall of man to sin. Image then comes in with part of the image under water reminiscent of hurricane Strain with the abandonment and the devastation. The term New York City’s a jungle out there has never been so true. Union square a normally heavily busy area is empty. Screen comes onto Robert in his Ford Mustang. The definition for mustang is a wild horse of the American West. This creates in image in the wild city of Robert as a lone gun slinger which is then further supported by him grabbing his gun. Comes to a poster with the creation of man on it from the Sistine Chapel tit the image of a butterfly carved out of the front of it firmly establishing the relationship between God and the butterfly Motif throughout the film. People often ask why isn’t God listening or why doesn’t he do something, nobody seems to wonder why we’re not listening.

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Ground Zero 0 Comes in with the images of the house with blacks, whites and blues from low and high angles creating the horror movie feel and then the screams come creating fear, fear of the unknown. We feel this fear through Roberts face and posture, fetal position indicating fear. This fear of the unknown is reflective of our society, we fear hat we don’t understand or know. 0 Christmas music, Joyous Juxtaposing the mood of the situation. This is the first significant sign that Robert is the modern day Jesus. The birth of Christ, Christmas. Marble fights Robert the whole way ‘Where are we going’ ‘l don’t want to go. ‘ This is God’s intervention trying to get Robert to LISTEN! We know that it’s God because of the butterfly motif once again. 0 Sealing off the island. Did ‘it’ Jump? ‘It’ must be extreme to seal off Manhattan Island. 0 “I can still fix this. ” “This is Ground Zero” Relates whatever tragedy this is to 9/1 1 as it was often referred o as Ground Zero. “This is my Site” “I’m not goanna let this happen” Takes responsibility for the virus and is going to fix it.

Much like Jesus did, taking responsibility for the sin of man. Shop and Forage 0 Once again comes on with the mundane task of going out with the dog, grabs a ball and of course his gun. The armoire has normal things and then the extremes of the genre. Irony of the song “Don’t Worry,” there couldn’t be a time when you should worry more. 0 Talks to the people in an effort to keep some form of ‘human’ relation. In an effort to retain some sanity, even though talking to dummies is pretty Insane. He emotes all unman relations Ana Detonators, Tarantellas, politeness Ana t pursuit of the opposite sex. His ritual, he go’s in every day to get his movie, we know this because he go’s through it like a rehearsed routine. 0 When he talks to the dog a butterfly flies in front of Sam indicating that God is with him through Sam. Evacuation 0 “Social De-evolution appears complete” “Typical human behavior is now entirely absent” These are the things that he tries to keep alive within himself with his rituals, to keep from becoming them. 0 Once again it appears to be Hurricane Strain, with the hopeless attempts to escape the virus. Everyone is equal in a disaster, the only thing that separates people are the civilians the military and the infected.

Robert gets his wife through because of his title, seems unfair to all those who didn’t get a second chance. Much like life. 0 They pray and God’s listening, Roberts not, Marble is. She gives Sam to Robert to protect him. Sam is Roberts protector. Look at the butterfly. Whenever God intervenes there is a butterfly. Please Say Hello 0 Sam dies, although he didn’t know it Sam was his connection to God. With his death, so went his faith in God. He has failed so far. Oho turns to drugs which many people do when they have a great loss. 0 Zooming out, a metaphor of Just how alone he really feels now.

He go’s to talk to the woman like he promised Sam and the woman Just so happens to be in the adult section of the store. This Just shows how far from God he’s fallen. He’s turned to drugs and sex. 0 Begs her to say hello to him. Without Sam he has no more human relations left. . I believe that he realizes how insane he really is in believing he can talk to these things and that he’s still normal. I Can Save You 0 Robert says “l can fix this” “l can save you” “l can save everybody” but his words all on deaf ignorant ears only interested in seeing him die much like during Jesus’ crucifixion.

The butterfly in the apple-glass is what finally makes Robert realize that God has always been with him. This is when he finally starts listening. He realizes his purpose and Anna’s reason for being there. Many people manage to find God in their darkest hour of life. Many people find him Just before they die Just as he does. He sacrifices himself to save the cure for the mankind Just as Jesus sacrificed himself for the sin of mankind. He must die in order to complete the metaphor of Jesus Christ. Robert spent three years searching for the cure which is roughly the time that Jesus Christ spent preaching on earth.

DVD cover 0 The clouds have cleared around him and there’s bright lighting around him making him seem angelic. He is between the blown up bridge and on his side there is destruction and darkness but on the other side there’s light and birds slaying salvation almost as IT en Is ten errors Detente ten two. Juxtaposition. He’s gazing straight at you, passively as if he’s accustomed to his surroundings The dog is gazing off into the distance as if protecting or constantly searching for danger. The colors are all the same tones as Will’s as if he is part of his surroundings as much as anything else.

He has a gun over one shoulder and a book bag at his hip. These are the two signs of power, violence and knowledge. He is unshaven and takes up the entire center of the image implying power. His clothes are dirty and he doesn’t appear to be well groomed reinforcing the male stereotypical image. 0 His posture isn’t that of someone standing there ground or who’s ready to fight. It Just appears as if he’s part of the surroundings. 0 The chaotic background appears to go on forever behind him as if he’s leaving it behind.