I picked child abuse because it is a really serious issue in this world just like in Forged by Fire and here’s why. ” In Ohio more than 65,000 women were abused by an intimate partner in their home, and more than 48,000 kids witnessed this type of violence.” (Clevend.com). ” Some signs of Child Endearment is sudden change in self-confidence , headaches or stomach aches with no medical cause, abnormal fears, and  increased nightmares or attempts to run away. ” ( Child Abuse). Types of child abuse is Child neglect, verbal abuse, Child Endearment and sexaul abuse.               Also more ways of Child Endearment are, What causes abuse is a  combination of individual, relational, community, and societal factors contribute to the risk of child maltreatment and abuse. Although children are not responsible for the harm inflicted upon them, certain individual characteristics have been found to increase their risk of being mistreated. ( Child abuse). It can be stopped by telling people you know like your family. You can also tell police officers or teachers at your school. You don’t want your parents to know, so you have to tell people when your dad or mom aren’t around.         What I would do is tell my family when they come to my house and get them in a different room then my parents are in. After your parents get caught you have to heal on your body and in your mind. “NCE a report of child abuse has been made, the protective authorities (either child protective services or the police), decides whether or not to follow up the report. When a report is “screened in,” it means that protective authorities will follow up with an investigation.” (stopitnow.org)               One time I can relate to child abuse in Forged by Fire is when Angel is cooking hotdogs and Jordan took Angel and sexaul assualted her. Then a fire started and Jordan didn’t care, but Gerald did and he saved her. He fought Jordan,  but Jordan gave Gerald a  broken leg and a bleeding head. Jordan died in the fire so he wasn’t charged with anything .but that was child abuse. Another time there was child abuse was when Jordan slapped Gerald.  Jordan got mad and slapped Gerald and then Jordan went to Monique and slapped her way harder. Monique said after that, ” this has to stop.” She was tired of Jordan hitting Angel, Gerald, and even herself. Then knew they really couldn’t do anything without getting a even worse beating by Jordan sparks. That is what Child abuse is and some reasons of Child abuse in the book or story Forged by Fire,  by Sharon Draper.