I have always admired my father, the way he approached every challenge he faced and never gave up on the goals he set for himself. Since I can remember, he has had a strong desire to succeed and it is due to him that I acquired the same ambitiousness. Following his example, I was learning to achieve every aim, no matter how small or big it was. I was eager to learn and thus always tried to find new hobbies for myself: swimming, dancing, skiing, even scuba diving. Almost every year I went to a summer camp, first in Russia, then abroad: in England, France, and Switzerland. It was my initiative to work in a Russian summer camp when I was old enough to do so. Last year, I spent two camp sessions working with very difficult clients: kids. I was learning how to resolve conflicts and how to cope with stressful situations. All this experience helped me develop my communication skills.

            I remember how at the age of 14 I talked to a family friend, who graduated from EHL. I was fascinated by the stories she told me about it and since then I have been drawn to hospitality. Even though at first, I picked a different direction and decided to study International Affairs, I soon realized that my dream of graduating EHL still remains nothing but a dream and I would not be satisfied knowing that I never even tried to follow it. I understand that I am taking a risk doing this, but I believe in a common saying “no risk, no reward” and I am not afraid of challenges. I am sure that this is what I want to do in life, I am truly passionate about hospitality and I know this passion will grow as I study. Moreover, I am full of energy and action, which will only help me excel in this specific area.

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            As an EHL student, I hope to further develop the skills I already have as well as obtain new ones. The three specific ingredients that I would like to add to my recipe would consist of leadership, thoroughness, and commitment. Although I believe all three are important for any job, in my point of view, they are crucial for hospitality. Employees need to be attentive as they have to master multitasking and it is vital for them to be able to do their job as carefully as possible, noticing every little detail, so this is exactly what I plan on acquiring at EHL. Furthermore, I want to learn how to be a strong leader, who is able to maintain cordial relationships with anyone and who knows how to motivate others. Hence, constant work in a team will help me achieve it. I also wish to be committed to my job, devoting myself to ensure the customers’ satisfaction, as in my opinion, it is impossible to succeed in hospitality if one is not willing to do whatever it takes to please the guests.

I believe EHL is the place to teach me how to operate all the ingredients I mentioned and help me mix them together. So, I will take my ambitions and rub in some eagerness. Add communication skills, that have been developing since I was a kid. Stir in some passion and bravery from my current motivations. Combine it all with energy. Pour in my leadership skills, then carefully chop some thoroughness and add it to the mixture. For a final touch, I will sprinkle commitment. And if I blend all these ingredients right, they will result in a long, successful, five-star career.