Psychologists typically work for consulting firms, government, industry, and

research the scientific study and application of human thoughts and behaviors
as it relates to their work.  I/O
Psychologists study basic personnel functions in organizations with a
recruitment and selection. Training and development is initiated for the
measurement of employee job performance. Research is conducted in effort to
increase knowledge and form a good understanding of human work behavior. The application
process of I/O psychology apply their knowledge to improve environment,
behavior, and psychological condition of workers.

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psychology differentiates from other types of psychology, such as clinical
because it associates with counseling and treating patients that have serious
psychological issues or disorders.   As
for cognitive psychology, it is concerned with the mind and the mental
processes that involve areas such as, perception, memory, language, and
reasoning.  I believe that I/O psychology
is a valuable career choice because of the satisfaction you get from helping to
improve work processes and environments in multiple ways by applying the study
of human behavior at work place. There is an endless amount of client options.

Psychology skills can be applied to corporations or small businesses and
anywhere to improve performance and morale are goals to strive for. I like the
idea there is never really a dull day working as an I/O psychologist and that
you can also apply your work skills to other areas besides the typical
psychology environment. I conclude that I will enjoy learning about this class
because there is so much variety in I/O psychology and it will help develop the
knowledge and skills that are needed in this field.  As a current Occupational Therapy Assistant
student, I think that OT equipment engineers may work with I/O psychologist to
help develop efficient equipment that is easy to use that can be used in an
organization program for management to help with exercising or stress.