I have connected for biomedical science course. I have settled on this decision since I am exceptionally inspired by following up a vocation in the wellbeing administration. Since I was at school I have discovered science invigorating and testing subjects especially in science and science. As my insight in science has grown more I have turned out to be more pulled in to assist my investigations in these subjects. I consistently read new examines and discoveries that are on the news or magazines, for example, the ”Biological Reviews” to expand my insight into the present natural world and medicinal science.   I am at present considering BTEC National Certificate in connected science I have contemplated a few units which likewise incorporate down to earth’s and analyses. These units incorporate assignments, for example, units in criminological science, discernments in science, viable concoction examination, microbiological systems and human physiology. In science I have secured units that incorporate trials in which I have made the medication ibuprofen. This has altogether enhanced my trust in the research center based trials and my pragmatic aptitudes.   My enthusiasm for biomedical science has been strengthened when I have influenced a few visits in universities, for example, a 5-day to course in a university encounter, through the NCS program, in which I have remained the entire week in the university and took an interest in university lectures. I have had discussion with understudies who were presently learning at the college and speakers about college life, subjects such organic sciences and restorative related subjects. Moreover, I likewise went to open days in nearby universities. I figure these visits will have given me a knowledge of college life. The entire experience strengthened my want to go college to contemplate biomedical science. I also enjoy a range of activities such as reading and researching on current affairs such as the key issue of stem cells. Reading “Stem Cell Now” gave me an insight into the various medical advances involving stem cells and the ethical debate surrounding the use of stem cells. Another activity I enjoy is cooking as this gives me time to relax as well as enhancing my practical skills which are vital for laboratory experiments. Having a part-time job delivering newspapers from the age of 13-15 allowed me to learn about responsibility, commitment and punctuality. These are skills that I think are crucial and beneficial in studying a degree at university. In conclusion, studying biomedical science and gaining a higher education qualification is an exciting prospect for me. I believe I will embrace university life and that I have the necessary skills, academic capability and commitment to become a sound medical scientist.