I have known Rishab Sinha for the past 4 years.He joined Honda Motorcycles India Pvt. Ltd. as an executive trainee in supplier quality assurance(SQA). During his induction period, I was working as a Japanese advisor in the SQA division.  Rishab and I, both became part of 4th factory project after 6 months. He was team leader for chassis and dense parts and I joined 4th factory project as advisor to the quality control division. We had constant interactions on a day to day basis regarding the quality development activities at the supplier’s end. Besides developing a professional rapport, we also share a close personal bond. I have come to known Rishab as a committed person who completely believes and works according to HONDA way of working that is creating 3 joys of producing, selling and buying quality products.

He is an individual of immense potential with core technical skills and management awareness. Being associated with him on 4F project for past 2 years, I have seen him grow as a leader who leads from the front and displays immense character when things are not going according to your ways. Being responsible for supplier quality development of new suppliers he displayed immense patience and took all responsibility on himself for any oversights pointed  out during the quality evaluations of HMSI top management .He used to very keenly note down all the feedback given my me and all the quality evaluators and used to get  all the rectifications done. His ability to assess the task on hand and understanding the importance of time is something which sets him apart from his peer group. In a fast paced automobile market like India, employees need to be as focused and ambitious as the company itself. I reckon Rishab is one of those candidates who understands those ambitions and has imbibed them in himself.

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A complete team player, a hardworking individual and a cool customer-these are three words I would use to describe him. He has a pleasing personality and shared rapport with his peer group as well with all his seniors. Since Rishab joined as an executive trainee in Honda, he mostly learned things from on-job trainings and had little theoretical basis. This was apparent on a few occasions, when he would have to do an in-depth research on the supplier manufacturing process to solve technical issues. To speed up his learning on the given topic, he would motivate himself to attend trainings, read more and educate himself as much as possible by picking the brains of her seniors. There was a time when he had requested for some technical skills training along with other academic sessions as he felt the need to be groomed holistically and not only just in one direction. I believe that with his unique combination of abilities and talents, and with high intellect and learning potential, graduate studies could make him even more competent and help him achieve greater heights in his career.

Out of eagerness in his early days, he used to get impatient with delay in work. But with time, Rishab has matured as an individual who understands the intricacies of working in a manufacturing environment. I was impressed by his keenness to better himself.

Therefore, I feel extremely happy to recommend him for MBA at your prestigious university and I feel he would live upto the expectations of Purdue University. I wish him luck for future endeavours.