had never heard the story of Mary Rowlandson so it was all new to me and her
narrative was so powerful because of her never faded faith that God would save
her from the Indians. What was interesting about this to me was that her
narrative give a deeper story that sometimes God has to take you through things
to get you back to where you need to be with your relationship with him.

was unique to me how her narrative provided details on the lives and lifestyles
of the Indians themselves. Making “Civilized folk” to be fascinated
by her stories of the Natives’ “savage” existence.What I found
contradicting to her faith was that as a Christian she didn’t want to go into to
depth about the Indians who tried to help her. Even though she knows that that
is God’s mercy she still could have explained this in her narrative because
this was a kind act from the Indians proving that all of them were not savages.

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I found that was interesting was her use of biblical typography to relate her
situation and to guide her readers into what she was actually experiencing. She
made many quotes referring to the bible such as she alludes to the story of
Job, who, when faced with several challenges, still maintained his devotion to
God. The interesting thing about this comes when she  refers to her captors’ threats as “the
comfort” she got from them and went on to quote Job from the Bible saying
“…miserable comforters are ye all (Rowlnadson).” Job’s story as they both
Rowlandson also refers to a
Bible quote stating “When thou passeth through the waters I will be with thee,
and through the Rivers they shall not overflow thee” to calm her fears when she
is about to cross the river along with her Native American captors. For her,
the safe crossing is evidence of God’s presence and guarding of her. faced very
difficult challenges and, throughout it all, never wavered with their devotion
to God.