Ida Tarbell was born in November 5, 1857, Erie County, Pennsylvania, U.S. Ida Tarbell was educated in Allegheny College and became an editor and invested money to go to Paris. There she began to start creating her own articles. American Magazines then called her out and invited her to McClure’s magazines. She accepted this request and was hired in 1894 (Ida Tarbell).She began to have a feeling that everything was being unfair.She found out that McClure’s company was also known as a monopoly company which made unfair profits.She then was starting a growing trend that was investigation, expose (“The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica”).Ida Tarbell became concerned of the increase and in the monopolies and trust. So to change it she started to write about John D. Rockefeller Business practices.  What Rockefeller did that made ida write about him was he had a oil company that shipped oil nationwide.  And the way he did that was he gained a lot of money while the workers that worked for him gained almost nothing (Ida Tarbell).Critics accuse Rockefeller of engaging in unethical practices, such as predatory pricing and colluding with railroads to eliminate his competitors, in order to gain a monopoly in the industry. Ida Tarbell investigate on this matter;Tarbell Exposed unfair practices of the Standard Oil Company, leading to a U.S. Supreme Court decision to break its monopoly”The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica”.The actions she took to address the issue so she wrote a book. Tarbell had become concerned by the proliferation of monopolies and trusts. So she investigated the Standard Oil Company and John D. Rockefeller’s business practices. She exposed the the corruption of really rich business owners and their practices. Tarbell’s exhaustive study not only gave rise to a new style of investigative journalism sometimes referred to as muckraking but also was instrumental in the 1911 dismantling of the Standard Oil Company behemoth, which was determined to be in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act (“Ida Tarbell”).Ida Tarbell composed that Rockefeller made life in America “poorer, uglier, and meaner.” She got to be one of the most vital muckrakers who exposed wrongdoing inside trade or government. Using the writing She detailed on ravenousness and cheating. “They had never played fair,” Tarbell composed of the oil companies. She was a critical portion of the Dynamic Period in the Joined together States that started around 1890. It finished close the conclusion of The Awesome War in 1920. Progressives battled for fair and reasonable rules in commerce and government  (“Ida Tarbell: The woman who dared to take on the rich oil tycoon).Ida Tarbell accomplished a lot. Through her tiring studies she started a new style of journalism called muckraking. Also she was able to take down the standard oil company, as well as prove that it was in violation of the Sherman Antitrust Act, which was passed in 1890 in order to prevent oppressive monopolies (“Ida Tarbell”).Throughout her life she was very successful and was successful after her death which occurred in January of 1944(“Ida Tarbell”). In the March of 1999, New York University had placed Ida Tarbell’s book (The History of the Standard Oil Company) in the number 5 spot out of 100 in the top 100 American Journalist and their works of the 20th century(“Ida Tarbell”)(“Top 100 works of Journalism”). In 2000 she was put into the Women’s Hall of Fame. Then two years later in 2002 she was featured as part of a U.S Postal Service Stamp series in order to commemorate women journalist.(“Ida Tarbell”).