Man is not made to be idle. “In the Sweat of thy face shall thou eat bread “Is the curse of god. There are so many wonderful things in this world we are Just a human being with bit of intelligence. Our brain is idle when we do not have anything to think about . And this is very dangerous. When we do not think ourselves others thought occupy our mind & mischievous elements can easily put you in danger. A person who has no work to do becomes lazy. The more a person works the more he progresses. Once a farmer was given a small piece of land In middle of forest.

He was happy with what he had. He worked hard & built a house & started progressing well due to the crops he had grown. After few years he became a wealthy farmer with loads of wealth. He did had a lot of wealth but he TLD sit Idle. He opened a machinery Industry & himself learned how to repair the machineries . TLS gives us an example that by keeping our minds busy we develop & Improve . A busy person Is a happy person. “Nature knows no pause & attaches a curse upon Inaction”. The more person works the more he progresses. By -UP

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