For every illness or ailment, there is a specific cure or treatment available or made available except, of course, in cases where no such cure or treatment has been discovered yet. While mental retardation is a medical dilemma by origin, medical treatment alone is not sufficient or adequate to address the mental disorder. Relief and remedies must be sought and sorted out of cures which are behavioral, social and educational in character. Love begets love, so to speak. Hence, understanding is expected if understanding was given. Caring will come from someone who has been cared of.

Along these perceptions, approaches in finding treatments for intellectual disability include speech and occupational therapy, special education, social work or community undertakings coordinated with the family of the patient and similar disciplines. Film interpretation or analysis The film adaptation of the novel Forrest Gump has been chosen for the purpose of a further discussion on mental or intellectual retardation. If not for his mental deficit, the story’s main character, Forrest Gump, must have been an ordinary man living a normal life.

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Someone with borderline intellectual retardation, he grew up with his mother who alone cared for and nurtured him. The latter would tell Forrest that his father was on vacation which was unnatural because the stretch of the retreat escapade extended until Forrest became an adult and beyond. Most likely, it was a white lie concocted by the mother for conveience. Matter-of-factly, it could be a valid insinuation that one possible cause of Forrest’s psychological condition might have been a shockingly traumatic experience of a sub-conscious infant or young boy who was around when the remarkable conjugal break-up of his parents took place.

. The mental shortcomings of Forrest Gump were evident and manifest in the movie. His walking capabilities seemed so much late in development. This appeared, however, as a plus factor because it gave him incredible challenges. Hence, after his leg physical problems were totally treated, he aimed at attaining extra-ordinary exploits and feats in running. The achievement gave him considerable prominence. Another proof of his mental disability, claimed to be only borderline in category, was the fact that he almost did not make it to early education school because of poor intelligent quotient.

Later on in life, he had to be a football star to get a scholarship in college. Forrest Gump is projected as a mentally handicapped case. Nevertheless, the movie, in return, gives overwhelming credits to Forrest Gump for his successes as if to suggest that the hero took things positively and made his deficiencies as the reasons for his determination and perseverance to triumph in the end. Thus, the box office hit impressed the viewers with Forrest’s significant achievements which included his being good at running, football and ping pong, his Vietnam assignment, his shrimp business prosperity, etc.

The cinema story did not provide details about treating or curing Gump’s mental illness. However, the loving care of his ever loyal and faithful mother was foremost in showcasing how good emotions and feelings could touch the lives of people who are otherwise poor in understanding, appreciation and comprehension. Equally observable is the social inter-action which Forrest Gump had with the other people involved in his life and in his living, such as his war buddy, his superior officer and his good friend and soul-mate who became the mother of his son.

All these feelings and emotions represented all the therapies that went into the human faculties of Forrest Gump and cured him. Those were the best treatments in his circumstances. The determination of Gump and the will to succeed and achieve despite all the odds were also helping him out. The qualities worked as catalysts and polarizing factors within himself. In the process, his mentally retarded personality has to give way to his aggressiveness and drives to become yet a better person and a prosperous businessman.

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Sensation is the ordinary physical process of receiving information from man’s world of contact and of delivering those information and data to the brain through the senses of sight, touch, hearing, smelling and tasting. On the other hand, perception is how the human mind intelligently appreciates and realizes the variety of sensations which are experienced. In the displayed demonstrations, the moving wave got the attention of the student most because it sends an eerie feeling with some hypnotic effects. What is registered in the eyes relate to what is registered in the brain.