Immigration. That one word that has four syllables and yet strikes so much fear and hate.  In this essay four major waves of US immigration and how it plays part of the American story will be explained.The current state of immigration Is the largest in the American history 30 million legal immigrants have entered over the last four decades adding to that an illegal immigration of anywhere from 8 to 20 million, Primarily from Latin America and Asia.  This essay is all about immigration through the years starting as early as before 1970 to this very day and immigration will keep happening as long as people are looking for a way to live a better life.”The American story is a story of immigration itself” is what I was told a few weeks ago and I never saw it like that. Since I was seeing people fear that fact that they were immigrants I didn’t really like talking about this particularly topic. Once I was able to understand the four major waves I saw that the American story is a story of immigration itself. Before the first wave of immigration meaning years before 1970 Native Americans were the first known people to live in the United States before it was formerly known as The United States. They were the ones that first discovered this land. The Europeans soon started to arrive looking for the available land, and hope for religious and political freedoms. Some Europeans that arrived had peace with the Native Americans while in the other hand other Europeans fought which causing violence and disease. As the Europeans kept on coming and they started staying in different places. In the early 17th century the British were in England and Virginia, the Dutch were in New York and New Jersey, and the Swedes in Delaware. The Europeans weren’t the only immigrants to come here. Africans were brought as slaves from Africa and the Caribbean in 1619. The Europeans got what they wanted, land, political and religious freedom unlike the slaves who got nothing they had no freedom political or religious and were forced to do free labor.The first wave time period was 1790 – 1820. In 1700 there was a population of 250,000 by 1820 the population grew to 9.6 million.In the year of 1790 the naturalization act was passed and it stated that  “…any alien, being a free white person, may be admitted to become a citizen of the United States…” Immigrants who came to america were accepted as american but had to be white, speak english, all be the same and share the same religion ( protestant christianity)  and must never allow more than 10,000 immigrants in one year. The congress couldn’t do anything about immigration since the constitution had all the power. What they were able to do was ban slavery in 1808. In 1819 the federal law required ship captains to keep records of passengers on board but when immigrants started to arrive there were no restrictions.The second wave time period was 1820 – 1880.  The second wave consisted the beginning of the industrial revolution, the Know-Nothings and Yellow Peril. When the Industrial Revolution began most of the immigrants that came were from German Empire, Ireland, Britain, and Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Germans migrated because of the failure of democratic revolution, the Scandinavians migrated because of the civil war, and the Chinese because of poverty. The Irish were under British rule and were persecuted for their own religion. Most of them who migrated settled on farms, Irish men worked on railroads and canals, while the Irish women worked as domestic servants. Immigrants were accused of stealing jobs. Nativism also played role in the lives of the immigrants. Nativism meaning those who are born in American are more favored and benefited compared to those who were immigrants. The Know-Nothings were was an American Party. The Know-Nothings defended Protestantism against Catholicism. The Yellow Peril was an ideology that Chinese-Americans were a growing threat to the US. They were racially prejudiced, because of their foreign ways. There were state and local laws being passed that discriminate Chinese-Americans. In 1882 there was the Exclusion Act, which stopped that e Chinese immigration.           The fourth wave of the U.S immigration takes place from 1965-2000’s present. During this phase over 30 million legal immigrants have entered over the last four decades, supplemented by an illegal immigration of anywhere from 8 to 20 million. Primarily from Latin America and Asia. The reason or reasons why people migrated to the US during the fourth wave was to escape Communist dictatorships (Cubans, Vietnamese, and Chinese) and civil wars (Salvadorans) as well as in search of economic opportunity (Filipinos, Dominicans, and Indians). What they experienced when they came here   . The places they tended to migrate were California, Florida, Texas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey since they came they tended to go live in deportases cities and made them thrive since they were spending money and making money this causing stimulation in the economy. Some of the immigrations acts are the Immigration and Naturalization Act This act put an end to the National Origins quota system which favored Northwestern Europe immigrants. The Immigration and Naturalization Act provided family reunification, individual talents and skills, and refugee status for legal entry. New requirements were also made for admittance. How immigrants during this wave changed the face of America is by making it a “rainbow society” composed of all the different peoples on earth.