If you ask me, immortality is totally overrated. If you are immortal, sure you enjoy the delights of the fruits of divinity. And what might be some of the remarkable benefits you get to enjoy? You no longer have to worry with cosmetic cures like bottom (so you can have some esteem and earn some respect when you visit the Hindu goddess Call), or expensive skin serums (no need to travel to Egypt and bring Infertility back to life for her priceless epidermal rejuvenation tips), or a face lift (so you don’t have to chuck out all that gold currency, you can horde It all for yourself because you can main Impeccably young and hearty, Indefinitely.

Age Is only relative to the risings and failings of the sun rather than being relative to various parts of your body sagging In disproportionate ways, with the unfortunate consequences of cellular oxidation and overworked and hyper-extended mitochondria. Poor feeble mortals! You will be able to bench press three hundred ten and run a marathon In under four hours at the centuries age of three hundred Like you did when you were In your so- called-primmer life.

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Come on, you’re a stallion, you still have the stamina to tap that ethereal handiwork of your fleshly splendor for hours on end and still have enough energy to run up and down the stairs until Sister, your marital bliss partner, you polyandrous-on-the-sly beast, calls you outside to enjoy her newly cultivated lotus garden. However, after awhile, this immortal stuff becomes overly routine and you will probably want to take a candid dive off Mount Olympus to escape the monotony.

And, you have to keep in mind that all this gain has some costs. You will find yourself watching your mortal friends and family doomed to die. You will watch them age inconsiderably and go through the cycles of life which inevitably end in a dramatic and drastic shift towards the afterworld (or to the souring ground, depending on your persuasion). Each century or maybe even decade will bloom perpetual sorrow. Lives your life has been intertwined with will come to a bitter end.

And you will be faced with burial after burial, another lost connection soon to be forgotten in the eons that sway around like flies. Or if you are forced to remain in one location as Odysseus would have, you are transfixed in a bubble-world, you will be locked away from the informs of familiar faces to dip into a pristine existence, far removed from human reality, able to dampen your senses with comforts that will erase all remnants of the Impure mortal world.

All In all, you are more than likely to begin to take the free gift of life for granted. This will deduct much depth, spontaneity, and Introspection from your deed, actions, and endeavors. Since you know you have all eternity, you may begin to treat others with egregious disrespect, because you will begin to forget the eternity of a kiss, the endlessness of a heartfelt tingle down the spine In a warm embrace, the totally of falling in love at first sight.

What need will there be for love or forgiveness if you have all eternity to fill your heart with bitterness and unrelenting hatred or simply to become void of passion, sincerity, or accountability? A a Walt ten Patton AT Immortality, tenure Is a tear In ten Attract AT annual fragile human soul. For in knowing that we will die, we are more than likely to share an appreciation of something that is far greater than us, something unattainable, something truly mystifying.