Good health is one of the most important things in life. It is something that allows a person to lead a happy, useful and successful life. Plenty of exercise and healthy body, while getting enough sleep and maintaining good standards of cleanliness will ensure that you stay strong and well. In line with the theme: “Intimation: Arming Science Clubbers with Healthful defenses towards National Illness”, as you know there Is no such word as “Intimation” they Just combined the words ammunition and Immunization.

In this Science Month Celebration, It means of, that the Science Clubbers want to be armed and promote ways against Illness and diseases that can easily attack the human body that makes It weak and unhealthy one, In order also to prevent these, to be Immune against It through Imparting knowledge about diseases on how they spread, etc. , and to make the good standards of healthiness and cleanliness In our country to a higher level The goal is not only In the science clubbers that benefit from this knowledge UT also their school and communities, and thus, leading to national wellness.

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In the field of Science, one’s abilities can be developed through one’s sense of awareness, creativeness and inventiveness. In my opinion, the purpose of this celebration is, it proposes to provide more information, occasion and opportunities for students to pursue, enhance their knowledge about it and widen their interest in science. Make them realize that Science is fun.