NEWS in athletics and soccer I marvel at the challenges I have overcome. The Impact of severe anterior tall stress fractures stopping me short of my goals and alms has marked a significant milestone in discovering my self Identity and confidence. The experiences, hardships and emotions I went through spurred the question… What happens to an elite athlete’s identity when a major agent of solicitation, in my case sport, is completely restricted?

There are four main areas of research that I will need to investigate; the impact a ajar injury has on a person’s personal and social identity, the impact a major injury has on a person’s goals and visions, what changes does it bring about in their culture, way of life and environment, the impact a major injury has on the person’s surrounding family and friends. Through researching these areas I alma to further better the assessment of seriously Injured sportsmen psychologically and more effectively rehabilitate them In all areas of their lives.

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This topic and thesis relates to various concepts of society and culture. Society, as athletes have a place in society generating competition and entertainment for the society and helping build our national pride. Environment, as the emotional wounds of an athlete can be healed and dreams can be restored as change in their environment occurs. Persons, as each elite athlete will react differently to sustaining a career threatening injury. The topic also relates to one’s personal self Identity and self, It relates to person’s social Identity and other solicitation factors In one’s life that make them who they are.

Athletes have external factors that make them who they are such as family, friends and coaches; all building their social identity. The event of an injury can greatly determine the future outcome of a person’s goals, visions and identity. It is an elite athlete’s physical and social environments that contribute to the success or the failure of an athlete. It is not only their physical environment that can constrain them but their social environment also.

There is always a distinct relationship between athletes, their environment and society. Life for an elite athlete revolves around their actively, when an injury occurs It can affect every single aspect of their own macro world. In contrast with this I have hoses to use non athletes to be my cross cultural perspective to show different viewpoints other than my immediate sub culture. 10 De addle to Tina out ten Tact’s Ana answers to my PIP I wall De slung various methodologies to help expand my knowledge of my topic.

The 2 main primary methodologies that I will use are personal reflection and interviews. This topic is not only one of my personal interest but has vastly had life changing affects on who I am and who I have become so using personal reflection is a necessity, enabling me to use my own experiences and thoughts. Through the use of interviews I will be able to go beyond my own understanding and explore the world, thoughts and experiences of other injured athletes both elite and non elite.

Interviews will allow me to ask questions that directly relate to my topic and study, yet I have to be careful not to ask confrontational questions that are personal. Through the use of interviews I will also be able to back up my own thoughts and opinions by those of others, enabling me to create a PIP that is informative yet pleasing. Ethically my topic doesn’t involve sex, drugs or any other sort of contraband and Hereford will be almost impossible to cross any boundaries in that area.

I will have to consider anonymity and confidentiality with my interviewees and therefore will notify them and question them on whether they are happy with having their personal experiences, views and names revealed. I will attempt to gather secondary research data through the internet, online paid library resources, media articles and Journal entries. Using a wide range of resources I can then compare information and validate each, making the information overall much more reliable.