I would find Jesus to be the most important person of that time period. First of all, he had the more followers than any other man. He didn’t use force, wealth, or his power to gain followers like other famous people in history. Jesus was the foundation for the most popular religion, Christianity, in 391 A. D. , at which time Rome declared it the official religion. The Latin term A. D. Stands for Ann. Domino, which means “In the year of the Lord” and the

Latin term B. C. , which stands for “Before Christ” are both ways they measured years in ancient times. Pope Gregory based the calendar on this way of measuring time according to when Jesus was born. Jesus affected both ancient history and the people today. Many concepts and people In history have Influenced our culture today, but I think Egypt has Impacted us the most. Even though the Egyptians weren’t the first to start writing, they continued the social function or the way we mainly communicate today.

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The Egyptians were excellent builders. Many of the pyramids that the Ancient Egyptians built thousands of years ago are still standing today. The Egyptians also invented the plough. Historically the plough had to be pulled by an ox, but today it is a quick tool used for farming. A lot of modern science is based on the findings of Ancient Egypt such as the alphabet, sailing, fishing, farming, medicine, mining, construction, astrology, mathematics, and monotheism. Overall, Egypt provided advances for us that we could never live without.