In today’s increasingly
interconnected digital era, the advent of technology allows online
magazines, blogs and social media to have high communication speed, high update
frequency, and flexible use of content which has brought big impact
to traditional fashion magazines. For many industries, it was an exciting
time of bombardment with advantageous. On the contrary, for print
magazines, it was a time of transition for which they were not prepared. Thus,
this report seeks to explore how fashion magazines are adapting in the digital
age   as well as to analyse the
development and future of fashion magazines across both print and digital
platforms. With this in mind, this report sets out to answer the following
research questions: 1) What are the main challenges facing fashion magazines today? and
2) How print edition of fashion magazines can survive and thrive in the
digital era?


To answer these questions, the first
part of this report will set out to look back at the evolution and
development of fashion magazines and explore the changing face of fashion
magazines as well as its role in creating fashion ideas and promoting trends. The
main body focuses on the present state of the magazine industry and the
involvement of magazine readers in the digital age. In addition, the
comparison between print and online media would also help to determine whether or
not print edition of fashion magazines can survive during this time of
technological revolution. This report also discusses the way fashion magazines have
embraced social media to grow their readership through the success
stories from Harper Bazaar’s and Vogue magazines. Two examples highlight how
magazine reading habits is changing and will continue to affect the broader
interplay across the publishing industry of print versus digital. Predictions
about the future of fashion magazines are then presented based on the
findings. In addition, this report can be seen as a motive of why fashion
magazines are still relevant for the fashion industry even in today’s highly
competitive market. 

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