In this world, there are a selected few individuals who
deserves to be called the “great” or the “magnificent” because they showed true
courage and their accomplishments have forever changed society and the world.
Among these people is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Even up to this day we
commemorate him by dedicating a holiday named the Martin Luther King, Jr. day
that celebrates the life and legacy of a man who brought hope and healing to
America. Brilliant, influential, and indefatigable are just the few adjectives
I would use to describe Dr. King. He was an inspirational speaker and a
motivational leader because he not only spoke with a purpose but also delivered
his speeches with such eloquence that reached the heart of many people. Martin
Luther King Jr. was the most prominent leader of the American Civil Rights
Movement as he fought for the freedom of his African Americans brothers. “I had
a dream” were the famous words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. During the time of
segregation in the 1950s, this powerful speech steered not just the blacks to a
world of equality but also led America to abide the constitution by which our
founding fathers have created. Dr. King led America out of segregation to
become a strong and united nation with diversity. There are several different
kinds of cultures and ethnicities that surround us today, and without the
achievements of King I think we would be living in completely different world with
altered humanity today.  It is sad to say
that racism still goes on to this very day, it is a harsh battle that cannot be
completely stopped, but it has changed throughout the years of the
Constitution. The blacks are not the only ones being neglected nowadays, conflicts
between Israelites to Palestinians is worsening everyday, and Muslims are
labeled “terrorist” and to that I say is racism is everywhere. Those
privileged not to experience racial discrimination need recognize they have a
significant role to play. Social progress happens only when a community
is large enough to stand together with those who are wronged or treated
unfairly. So we must spread the love rather than hate.