In this article I read “The Betrayal of History”, the author
highlights the fact that “American history” that is printed in textbooks is a
rewritten and transformed version created to meet the demands of political
correctness and to appease interest groups. It is important for us to consider
this rewriting of history and the implications of this process. After reading
the article, I believe that the reason history is being distorted in textbooks
is both political and due to the fact that the textbook industry is a
multimillion dollar industry. The author writes, “textbooks are not written for
children, they are written for committees who flip through them to make sure
they have the right ethnic balance and proper buzzwords” proving that it is more
important to meet whatever the political agenda is over allowing students to
study the facts. She also states that the “‘conspiracy of good intentions’
and the need to please or not offend… has paralyzed textbook writers” which
further proves that political correctness has changed the way in which history
is presented in public schools. Furthermore, the textbook industry is a
multimillion-dollar industry that is influenced heavily by two states, Texas
and California.  A new textbook series can cost “35 million” dollars to
produce, and this is just the cost of production. I can only imagine how much
publishing companies make when their textbook is adopted by a state and then
purchased by the 100’s of thousands of school districts throughout the country.
This expensive yet lucrative process has “increased the tendency towards
homogeneity and intensified the search for a safe, bland book.” The way in
which textbook companies have rewritten history has left many students without
the truth. The textbook industry has indoctrinated many with the propaganda
that America was formed by faultless men, and the only way to combat this
political agenda is through inquiry and dialogue about the facts, so that we
remember the truth and not the idea.