In this essay I will be researching and discussing two of many large networking events for the creative industries in Scotland. These two events are, Xponorth in Inverness and Wide days in Edinburgh. The type of things I will be researching are the reason for attending these events, the achievements you will make going to the events, the possibilities and the benefits of attending these events. I will first be discussing about the reasons for going to these events. Xpo North and Wide Days both have several experienced people in their fields to speak at their panel. With these events there are always several live bands and musicians playing to get more people to attend to these events and as with any networking event,I  there is a possibly of speaking to people from the panel which may be very informative and extend your knowledge. Wide days in Edinburgh is very similar, there are many important speakers who come from different areas of the music industry. Examples from 2017- Claire Gevaux from Help Musicians Uk,  Ellie Gillies, from Management helping various artists and Graham Galloway from DD8 Music. Many people go more towards wide days as it is music central and the people you may want to talk to is in that panel but Xpo North dedicate a lot of resource to music as that’s how they began and then developed into being more in depth with the creative industries side of music.  These networking events functions creates a safe place were people all around can unite as one whether that be art, fashion, music and many more to share their passions, voice there opinions and meet many people. They don’t just do events, they also hold workshops for people to come together and to make connections and even make friends which can turn into opportunities for them in the business also more importantly learn about what they didn’t already know about their part of the industry. During the day Xpo north, the place is buzzing with people talking to one another and making those connections and friends, although when it begins to get later the showcase begins with many bands playing in venues around town. In this world if you want to heard  it is essential to put yourself out there for others to see, the only that way can improve and achieve great things is to get those negative and positive opinions about you as an artist to help you develop into not a better musician but a new musician. Wide days being more focused on music lets you show your pure talent and abilities and what they have to offer. Several bands have been signed to a record label after playing in a venue or events such as these. Both of these events overall helps people understand how it all works in the creative industries and gives an idea of what they must do to accomplish their goal. The benefits of both of these networking events are mainly connecting with people meaning you have a wider circle of getting noticed and getting employed eventually in the industry. Many people know its a hard industry to get a job and be known, these network events give you more of a chance as its also about who you know rather than what you know. Another reason why these networking events are very helpful to people is that you learn a lot. There are many different people around with different expertise in the industry that you as an artist can learn from and extend your knowledge. I personally haven’t had the experience of being to one of these events but I intend to as there is so much more to learn and I think it’s easier taking information in when I person is talking to you but more importantly if you have any questions they can answer you or if they don’t know the answer they may introduce another person to you. This is another way of making connections. The final reason for attending these events is to be heard. Exposing yourself and your talent. Everyone from all around will be watching people perform and take note on what they are doing and how they perform. If someone peeks there interest you could possibly get signed on by someone. It is as simple as that although it doesn’t always happen. At the end of the performance you could possibly have a few fans which is just as good and you have achieve something by going to this event. Overall, all networking events supporting the music industry as great such as the ones I have mentioned. Making connections and understanding how it all works is very important. The more people you meet, the more you are getting into the industry and the more knowledge you are getting. I would recommend any musician to go to one of these events as I plan to as it can open many paths for people who want to be heard.