In the Novel, Gone, Grant theorizes about a world where all of the people over the age of 15 dissapear. Everyone is in school in a small coastline town when everyone over the age of 15 disappears. The 3 main characters at the moments are Sam, Astrid, and Quinn. After everyone realises the adults in school vanished they go out and look for their patents at home or their work. Sam, Astrid, and Quinn go to all of their houses but find nothing. They head to Sam’s house last where he checks on this ball of light he created because of his powers that Astrid sees but he doesn’t know she saw it. They go to a big resort where Astrid’s mother plays tennis that is on the look for Astrid’s brother and they find a wall which surrounds the entire town within a 10 mile radius. They start to head to the Nuclear power plant in a golf cart where Astrid dad works in order to find her brother. They run into bullies right before they reach the powerplant which beat up Sam. They find Astrid’s brother in the powerplant. There is a girl with healing powers that had crashed while her grandpa was driving during the “poof”. She had found a cabin where their was a well and years worth of food. There were coyotes in the area but because of a radiation leak (and the “darkness”) from the powerplant they had mutated. They had grown to speak. They take her to an abandoned mine where she meets the darkness and is told to teach the coyotes how to kill humans. In the town people come down from Coates Academy come down in a very rehearsed manner. The leader Caine does a very smooth take-over of the town (which Sam and Astrid don’t trust). Diana was Caines accomplice, she could tell how strong a person’s power was. Caine was a 4 bar (highest level they knew of) and so was Sam. Diana dudn’t tell Caine this, most likely to prevent him from panicking or to stick to their original plan.     Caine found Sams mothers laptop which revealed he had powers because of a personal diary she had on it, which was unlocked by Computer jack. Caine had to remove the threat of being taken over. He had trapped Sam-Astrid by a tip from his best friend Quinn. Astrid was in  room with a bully named Drake which was sadist and he hit Astrid while her brother Pete (who is autistic) Teleported them away (no one has that much power). Sam escapes from help from Quinn who Sam no longer trusts. Astrid was teleported to the resort where Sam will meet her by Pete. Drake was sent after them with a gun. Drake found them but was pushed off the balcony and died after he tried to kill them. All of Cain’s followers attack Sam but they escape on a boat and follow the coast to look for a hole. They eventually make it to land and try to find the town but find Coates Academy. They find all of the people who didn’t agree with Caine with their hands cemented into a block (so they can’t use there powers). THey get caught and Astrid brakes Pete’s gameboy with her cemented hands and he makes the cemented disappear from everyone’s hands. After this sam shoots the light from his hands and burns howards arm off as the bullies escape. Now Sam is planning to fight Caine with rescued kids and Automatic weapons from the Nuclear Plant. Sam is the new leader and is training everyone to use their powers better and the people to use the weapons. Sam and Caine are twins and will disappear in a few days. Caine held a test to see what happens to someone when they blink out and they discovered that they see a loved one, but it is an allusion set in place by the Darkness which really takes them. Diana told computer jack to head to town and tell Sam so that he can try to try to prevent it but he does not make it till later. The healing girl had found her way to the town but was captured by the wolves and so was Howard. They met the darkness and Howard agreed to teach the wolves how to kill humans and in return he got a snake/whip like arm grown back.            Caine sets up an elaborate plan to attack the town. Howard takes over the daycare and hold the little kids hostage with the wolves. Caine tells Sam to put all of the kids with powers into the church and to put everyone else into town square. But before this same was able to use his powers and free the daycare of the wolves. The wolves run to caine and he tells them that if they go back they can eat the kids in the town square. The wolves run back and start attacking the kids. Computer jack comes in an SUV and crashes. The kids were surrounded by the wolves.Caine had used his powers to start to crush the church with all of the kids in it. Sam and caine fight and give each other equally devastating hits. Eddilo and others with machine guns are trying to save the kids in town square. Caine had gotten Sam on the ground and was about to kill him but someone with a power ot run quickly hit Caine in the back of the head but Caine turned around and shot her away, shooting her through the wall. After the church collapsed astrid saw that Debri had fallen onto Pete and a girl names Dekka was helping here clear it off. Caine thought he won after he collapsed a building onto Sam but he was very injured after Sam had hit him with the light. Howard and Orc (who had grown a rock like coat over his skin) were fighting. Sam burned his way out of the debri and Caine fired as much debris as he could at him. But Sam burned it before it could reach him. Caine ran to the church and picked up Astrid using his power. He used her as a shield. Diana tried to tell Sam how to beat the poof but Caine shot her back across the street.  Sam was about to be taken by the darkness, it was showing his mom. Sam wouldn’t take “her” hand making it impatient. Caine joined him in the time frozen world and she was trying to convince them both, but Caine was trying to get sam to go  forcefully.  The darkness let them go after they denied it. Sam knocked Caine down and put his hand on his temple. Caine agreed to leave, but Sam knew he would be back eventually.