In this day and age most Americans strive to make a decent salary to live a comfortable life, many work hard for years just to finally achieve their goal of making a six figure income. “According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, an Army General with over 20 years of service makes approximately $192,864 a year. The 2014 median compensation for a General Surgeon was just under $395,456 a year. The men and women who run straight into fires, risking their lives to save others make only $46,870 per year”(O’Connor 1). Professional athletes on the other hand get a full ride scholarship to the college of their dreams, then later on get scouted onto professional teams just to make millions playing a game. When star athletes are getting paid tens of millions of dollars to play a sport, it raises ethical discussions of how we value athletes in our society and whether or not the salary they earn is too much.Out of the three biggest sport leagues in the United States they require hardly any education in order to enter their game. The MLB, Major League Baseball requires no prior education. The NFL, and NBA both only require a minimum of one year in college before athletes can play their selected game. Most doctors attend college for at least eight years. Also professional athletes a free education because they can play a game, and they completely use a school just to get to the next level.”According to a 2009 Sports Illustrated article, 78 percent of National Football League players are either bankrupt or in financial trouble within two years of retirement, and an estimated 60 percent of National Basketball Association players go bankrupt within five years after leaving their sport”(Hourani 1). Athletes have been criminally charged from a wide range of horrible crimes but instead of losing their careers as any other professional would they just get suspended for a game. These athletes make more than the troops that fight for our freedom, or even the commander in chief. With all this in mind it’s ridiculous athletes make the money they make. Surprisingly doctors and military personal work twenty four hours a day helping people, and their pay is nowhere near professional athletes.  An NBA roster consists of 12 men, an NFL roster consists of 53 men, and an MLB roster consists of 40 men. Most NBA teams have a 9 man rotation, meaning only 9 men get significant playing time, and three don’t even play. Those three are basically just practice dummies. The minimum NBA salary per year depends on experience, but the rookie minimum is five hundred thousand. This means if you’re a 19 year old kid in the NBA who plays 0 minutes the least amount of money you can make is five hundred thousand a year, that’s more than most experienced doctors. People such as firefighters, computer programmers, and members of the military provide more valuable services but earn just a fraction of what professional athletes make. “The average firefighter in the United States makes about $48,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even the late President Barack Obama’s annual salary of $400,000 is lower than most athletes’ pay”(Anastasia 1). On many many occasions athletes spend their money in a very unproductive fashion. Most all athletes spend their money on material things such as cars, mansions, clothes, and jewelry. Also the money that goes into paying the coaches, and other factors of the game is so tremendous it could be used for many things. “The sport needs to change before their athletes and their gold mine disappear. Before the NFL decides to pay for its own feeder system of talent. Start with the money swirling overhead, out of reach from the players who generate the product. ESPN is paying $7.3 billion to televise the College Football Playoff over a 12-year period. Three assistant coaches at the University of Michigan are making over $1 million per year. Nick Saban’s $11 million salary in 2017 far exceeds the compensation for any NFL head coach, and there are 24 schools that now earn at least $100 million annually from their sports teams”(Bickley 1). This is truly just a slap in the face in my opinion hardworking military personnel who risk their lives drive pontiacs while pro athletes have ferraris. Along with the material items pro athletes purchase they also enjoy partying. It seems almost every time you turn on the television there’s another athlete involved in some type of club scandal. These athletes take everything for granted most of the time. Lastly the salaries of the athletes hurts the fans. With the professional athletes demanding such high salaries nowadays the fans have to bring in that money. So with the fans being the people mainly accommodating for the athletes monster salaries, when the salaries raise so do ticket prices and apparel. Over the past few years ticket prices have skyrocketed. If Athletes ridiculous salaries went down the tickets would be more financially available for fans who don’t have much.In conclusion professional athletes are paid way too much money.  Comparing their requirements, lifestyle, and work put into to that of other jobs it’s hard to say that they are worthy of such pay.