Dave, and Sean become mentally trapped by past issues which causes them to lose hope in themselves and question their own knowledge . Dave remembers being sexually abused as a child by two unknown men, which haunts him, even in adult life. Having to go through such a traumatic experience at a young age leaves him psychologically scarred for the rest of his life. Having gone through this the vellum can go In many directions; two of which are rowing up and becoming a sexual predator themselves, or losing connection with who they used to be.

No one can break away from this future. Jimmy has always been the leader out of the three boys, nevertheless, after the death of his daughter, he begins to second guess his parenting skills. What individual has never caught themselves thinking “What if I Just left everything behind? What if I ran away from it all. ” Dave, Jimmy and Sean long to escape their hometown, but realize the possibility does not exist. Both Dave and George Harvey from “The Lovely Bones” by Alice Sobbed have become aptitude in their demented heads making them look dangerous to others around them.

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Dave has been a prime example showing the effects of what may happen to a rape victim. However, Dave can not help how he has been effected by such a disturbing event, and his mind traps him Inside with emotions he can not control. Dave begins to question Is true Identity and gradually lose hope In himself. “They turn into molesters themselves. Sooner or later. The poison’s in you and it has to come out. I was Just protecting some poor future victim from your poison. Maybe your on. ” (394) Dive’s mind tries to decide between the true him and the evil slowly devouring him.

He becomes aware of the fact he has been losing to the sexual predator within him, but realizes he can do nothing to stop It. The quote also shows how Dave has a son and secular to any other parent, loves him. The predator within him has a desire for younger boys, making his own son exposed to a side of his father he has never witnessed. Dave does not know who he has become anymore and begins to give up and give himself to the destructive man within. Sadly, George Harvey’s mind has already been captured as a crazy sexual predator. Unlike Dave, he has no one to love him so he may be motivated to fight his harmful appetite. He has been corrupted, now Irreversible. In “The Lovely Bones,” George Harvey has always been seen as a dreadful person with terrible characteristics. Still, In the following quote, Susie realizes the man who murdered her, had no control over his actions. “What I think was the hardest for me to realize was that he had tried each time to stop himself. He had killed animals, taking lesser lives to keep from killing a hill. (131) This quote gives proof George tries to stop himself from murdering an innocent child. Killing another kid has become something common for Harvey; he can live without It for a short while, but eventually, he will have to do It again. Harvey tries to stop enamels Deter can murder en NAS complete, Including Walt Suzie. I nouns he did try, his urges got the best of him. Just like Dave, Harvey has become trapped. Although not mentally insane , Jimmy from “Mystic River” feels the effects of being shut out from motivational surroundings.

Jimmy questions his fathering role after the death of his only daughter. Jimmy becomes sick of being the leader of the group, with Dave mimicking and following Jimmy around like an animal. All Jimmy wanted was a companion, not a servant. ‘”Smart stuff’ Dave Belle said. ‘Right, Jimmy? ‘Right, Jimmy? Right, Jimmy? Dave was like a parrot some days. ” (9) Jimmy later questions whether he has been a good friend. However, Jimmy dislikes the way Dave acts towards him. Lastly, the characters are forced to questions their self-knowledge before they become prisoners in their own lives.

In “Mystic River”, Jimmy, Dave, and Sean always wonder what life would be like if they left everything behind in Mystic River. What would they become? Dave displayed characteristics in which he feels trapped and can hardly fight against the poison within his body, this differed from Jimmy who feels as if he can help himself and change his negative path in life. The characters feel they are trapped in their and must decide if they want to stay this way or start in a new direction. “That all three of them were, in reality, still eleven-year-old boys rapped in some cellar, imagining what they’d become if they ever escaped and grew up. (156) In reality, the three men are trapped due to having been raised and living there, these men cannot Just leave. Characters from “Mystic River” can not help but becoming entangled within themselves, leaving little hope for themselves and question their true identity. They long to escape from Mystic River and change their ways, but they remain prisoners of their daily lives. The fear of change and what could happen to them should they move out of Mystic River from the life which holds them captive.