Brooke, the speaker seems like a ferocious and high spirited person. The words like “left school and lurk late” helped in understanding they are wild. The words that show high spirited are, “pool player, jazz June and die soon”. The poem “l celebrate myself, and sing myself” by Walt Whitman, Is patriotic and optimistic. He mentioned “every atom of my blood, formed from this soil”, explains the love he has for his country. He seems friendly throughout the poem especially, when he says “for every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you”.

The tone, William Blake used In the poem “London”, was purely sad and discomforting. The entire poem talks about misery In London. Some quotes like, “marks of weakness, marks of woe” and “In every Infants cry of fear”. The tone of the poem “sympathy’ by Paul Laurence Dunbar, gives us hope and perseverance, but It Is sad. The caged bird Is constantly looking for ways to fly out, even though It Is hurt. The phrases like “till Its blood Is red on the cruel bars” and “when he beats his bars and he would be free” demonstrate the Idea that one day the bird will find a way out.

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