In TurkeyWhen
refugees shifted to turkey after the war they faced many problems here in
turkey as we know it’s not easy to stay as homeless people. War is not in the
favor of anyone especially in this modern era & the civil war like Syria
who burns the whole country and killed the near half of million (mehchy, 2015 ) displaced the
millions it’s totally against the humanity.   In the any war they tried do not attack the
schools but in the war that began in Syria there is no schools which was
attacked or destroyed by the militias.






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?      Education Issue


The education problem is one of the main problem for the
Syrian refugees. Education is the most important thing for everyone in this
modern world. Now a days education is the key of success, imagine about those
who are willing to get education but they cannot go to school because of war.
Or those who shifted and become a refugees in different countries and they also
are not able to get this one of the precious thing. More than 40% of the
refugee’s children are still not going to school. That’s according to a new
UNICEF report, which says that turkey has already seen almost 50% increase in
school attendance for the Syrian refugee children’s since last June, far too
many of them at-least 350000 are still out of the schools or not receiving
education. (Frelick, January
23, 2017)


The Turkish
government has clearly expressed its commitment to educating Syrian refugee
children. The Ministry of National Education (MONE) issued some new
law/Circular in 2014 which laid out the new regulations for the education of
temporary protection beneficiaries. Turkish
education system is totally different from the Syrian education. In Syria
education is almost in Arabic. It is the kind of main problem for Syrian
refugee’s children to go the school and get the education. In Syria basic
education or education till the high school is free, now the quit difference
Syrian refugees faced in turkey because in turkey they charged for the schools
even in the government owned schools.


?      Language Barrier


Language is the main way to communicate or we can say it’s
also the main obstacle in the communication although you are educated person or
not, because if you are talking with another and he/she don’t know the language
than how can you communicate or convey your message. For the Syrian refugee’s children
who are going to schools but they faced one of the main problem is language because
in Turkish schools the education is totally in Turkish and it’s too hard for
the refugee’s children to understand the language and read the syllabus.


?      Economic Issue