In this contemporary busy world it is almost not possible to maintain the clean and hygienic environment due to too much faster life of everybody. In the traditional approach whenever a garbage overload is found manually a truck comes to clear the over dumped wastage 3. As this process was manual it is not possible to monitor public bins continuously. This exposition proposes an e-monitoring system associated with an embedded system, web based software and IoT technology. To continue monitoring of public waste bins we need to implement a smart garbage level monitoring system based on IoT technology. This system will monitor the garbage level of public bins continuously and will send the notification to Municipal Corporation, when garbage level will reaches to its threshold level. It will also update the current status of garbage level of public bins in different zones of the city on android application, which can be seen by public. As the notification will receive by the municipal corporation, the rag picking truck will reach to that dustbin and will empty the bin. Hence the bins will get empty before the garbage starts overflowing, and will maintain the hygienic environment. In developing nations like India, with rapid urbanisation and increased population, it is very difficult to maintain the clean, hygienic environment and eco-friendly hazardless space. In the traditional approach whenever public bins were overload, it was found manually and then truck comes to clear the over dumped wastage. But it was not monitor continuously or periodically. It is very essential to monitor the garbage level of public waste bins and record the information regarding collecting time of garbage area from a central location to ensure that the job is done right. This paper gives the solution for problem arrived in traditional approach of garbage monitoring system by using IoT technology. This paper presents the development of electronic monitoring system (E-Monitoring system) to overcome the above problem of traditional approach in conventional manner. E-Monitoring system is basically an embedded system that comprises of ultrasonic sensor interfaced with P16F877A microcontroller and a web server which is completely computerized. By using this system public and municipal authority could monitor the status of garbage level of public garbage bins and collection status of same effectively. We should implement this system in several areas of the cities; some area may not have a continuous power supply for this system to be worked efficiently. This issue can be solved by using solar panels in future. Solar panels can be used with the solar batteries which do not require a continuous power supply. Secondly, we can add the suction pipes with compressors at the bottom of the bins, which will directly suck the wet garbage from the bin and will dump it in dump yard. Thirdly we can implement underground interconnected system of main public bins, which are connected to central Municipal Corporation