Agricultural Revolution
 The Agricultural Revolution took place in 1650 and started in Holland. The Dutch lead the way of the improvement of the crop’s quantity and quality. They did this by building dikes to reclaim land from the sea, using fertilizer made from livestock, and developing the process of crop rotation. The crops that were mainly produced were clover, wheat, and turnips.;;
;Domestic System;
;A domestic system is;a;manufacturing;systemwhereby;workers;make;products;in;their;own;homes;with;materials;supplied;by;entrepreneurs.;
Agricultural Revolution (cont.)
;An improvement of crops was done by CHarles Townshend. (1674) he urged people to plant turnips to restore dead soil. It is significant because during this time Europe’s population increased from 120 to 180 million. It did this because of the surplus of crops that was produced.

The Agricultural Revolution is also important because it lead to the Industrial Revolution.(1770s-1850)