One of Doves direct competitors is Olay. They have six bar soaps and two massaging bath bar soaps. The Olay brand is known as a brand that celebrates beauty outside and within. Their tagline is “Love the skin you are in. ” Olay has a bar name Age Defying Moisturizing Bar, which helps reveal younger looking skin. This would be a competition for Dove, since Dove doesn’t have an age defying bar, but instead it has a sensitive skin, which is good for those with sensitive skin. Olay though has no variety in the bar soap products though.

Olay was first made out of love in the 1950’s. A husband wanted to make something for his wife because the products she was using were making her skin look greasy and didn’t fit her feminine sensibility. Within five years, Olay was having phenomenal success in South Africa and later on expanded to England, United States, Netherlands, Canada and Germany. They didn’t start with the bar of soap, but that was made later on. Olay’s target market is women between the ages of 15-65. It is a broad age group but they believe they have a bar of soap for every woman and their need.

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Their products are more focused on women, whereas Dove has products for both men and woman. Their price ranges from $3. 00 – $10. 00, depending on what soap or product it is and how many in a pack. They soap come in packs of two or more. Their celebrity face for Olay Facial Cleansing is Carrie Underwood. She is a famous singer and songwriter who has used Olay for as long as she can remember. Another direct competitor for Dove is Irish Spring. Irish Spring bar soap is produced by Colgate-Palmolive company. There are five different soaps: Aloe, Clean Scrub, Icy Blast, Moisture Blast and Original.

They are packed in an environmentally friendly 100-percent paperboard carton, which is 35-percent post-consumer recycled content. Irish Spring was developed by Colgate-Palmolive, targeting consumers according to their lifestyle patterns and personalities. They identified a unique group of consumers in need of a certain type of soap. Since they developed Irish Spring specifically for certain consumers, they were able to capture 15 percent of the soap market within three years of introduction. Irish Spring’s target market is more men. When they first got an ad agency the elements of “Irishness,” was actually associated with the brand.

The first commercials features young adults playing sports, a narrator describing the scene in an Irish accent and a message was displayed which depicts that Irish Spring Cleans as a Whistle. Today their commercials feature women spying on a man showering under a waterfall and the man seeing them. Irish spring is known for having not one but two deodorants in their soap, but Dove is the only soap with 1. 4 moisturizing cream. Their price range from $2 and up, depending on the product and how many come in a pack. Indirect Competitor Dove’s indirect competitors would be the Olay Body Cleansing or Irish Spring body wash.

The Olay Body Cleansing features body wash or in shower body lotion, which will both lead to moisturizing and conditioning your skin. Leaving your skin dry free. There is a large selection of scents and washes you can choose from, each having a different task. The Irish Spring body wash comes in different varieties. It even has a hair and body wash in one, allowing you to purchase fewer products and leaving your shower/bath room less crowded. Customer Analysis Dove’s customers are both men and women with various ages. It has even been recommended to be used on babies who are allergic to Johnson & Johnson Baby Bath, or Gerber Baby Bath.