A smile that can bring Joy and happiness in the world. Smile’s that children bring into people’s heart and soul, a very thing that can never be replaced. Children are God’s greatest gift, they were given to be protected and loved. Hickman is a girl, with a bright smile and laughter. She is a survivor, and a Surface. The tribe in western Amazon that has a culture of burying children alive because of their abnormalities. And Hickman was one of the hundreds of children burled alive because of this culture.

Surface is tribe known for killing children by burying them alive. They believe that children with abnormalities are bodies that has no soul, these are children who have mental Illness and physical deficiencies or abnormalities since birth. The tribe has a belief that children that are different from other people, can bring bad luck to their tribe and this the reason why they execute the practice of genocide and torture against children. Hookah and other children are burled because they are called unwanted children of the tribe.

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Infanticide Is an act that pertains to a murder of unwanted children, it also includes the violence against children. Because of the Lack of information, public services like education and health, these practices still continues. More and more children suffer, More children are killed and More dreams and hopes dies together with the world. All life are sacred, no one deserves to be killed, not even those who choose evil. In the Philippines, Children are said to be the key to success because they bring hopes to the country, they are capable of hang and development. People see them as angels brought by God. In short Children do not only bring Joy, laughter and smile to the world but also brings bright future and success. No child is guilty of being born; all children have the right to life. With every child that dies, the dreams and hopes of somebody who could be important for their community, capable of making changes and rebuilding their people’s history, also die. Children are born with purpose. Let them play, laugh, cry and make mistakes. But most importantly let them see the world.