Spade The Europeans were first spotted in the Phaeton region in 1608, when the land was owned by a tribe known as the Monaco Indians claimed the land. Not much is known about the Moans except that they were hunters and farmers. Their name comes from the Algonquin term meaning sticks and spades. Letter This letter was written to Queen Anne in about 1616 from John smith. It comments on her great compassion for such a young woman and his great respect for her. It also talks about the chiefs son Antique’s, who he describes as a manly, bold spirit.

Picture of Chief Phaeton Chief Phaeton (1545-1618) was Pocahontas’ father. His real name is Henceforward. In 1614 he finally accepted peace with the English. His daughter was ransomed and then married to John Roll In 1615. Bible They focused their worship on pleasing Joke or Jokes, the god they believed had evil powers, and commonly made offerings of items such as dried tobacco, or deer meat. The English only worshipped one god and thought it was their Job to spread Christianity to others even those not interested In learning. Picture of Pocahontas

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Her true name was Mattock, but that name was only used within her tribe because it was believed harm would come to the tribe If outsiders knew. After she was kidnapped she was baptized to Christianity under the name Rebecca and married to John Role In 1615. She gave birth to her only son the same year. She died In 1618 after contracting small pox. John Smith’s Map This is a copy of a map from 1624. This shows all the river ways and where the Native Tribes are settled. The most Interesting part of this map Is north Is facing the right.