A. CLIENT PERSONAL INFORMATION Name: Justin King Address: 123 Main Street, Chicago, Illinois 60601 Home Phone: (913)123-4567 Work Phone: (913)890-1234 Social Security Number: 123-45-6789 Driver’s License Number: IL39562243 Date of Birth: 7/14/83 Marital Status: Single Dependents: None Military Status: N/A Occupation: Student/Retail Employer Name, Address, Phone Number: __________________________________________________________ Membership in Union or Professional Organization: N/A Police Record (if any): N/A Have you ever =led bankruptcy? If so, please explain. N/A B. CLIENT EMPLOYMENT.

Type of Work: Retail Sales Job Title: Cashier Immediate Supervisor’s Name: Jill Janes Salary or Hourly Rate: $7. 75/hour Number of Hours Worked Weekly – Before Accident 20 – After Accident 0 Bene=ts (Company car, pension plan, vacation, expense account, etc. ) N/A D. CLIENT’S FACTS/STORY: BE AS DETAILED AS YOU CAN BE. INCLUDE DAMAGES AND ALL NAMES TOLD BY CLIENT The client is Justin King, a winner of The “National Idol Regional Contest” last year on April 5 th in Chicago, he was awarded a three year recording contract for $275,000 a year plus a percentage of sales with MCI Records. Mr.

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King further states that due to an accident on Interstate 57, just south of Chicago, he was unable to ful=ll his contractual duties because of injuries sustained to his jaw and face. Mr. King goes on to state that on or around the 5 th of April he had left his agents house after signing his contract. Mr. King states that he was driving his motorcycle on his way home.

He said he was driving in the left hand lane going southbound on Interstate 57 when he noticed a beer truck going the same direction (he is unsure of the name it is either Coops, Coops Light, or Coops Ultra) and he suddenly notices a couple of cases of beer heading his direction. Mr. King stated he swerved left to get out of the way. He then goes on to say he remembered being in an emergency room in Paxton. His face was in a lot of pain and he had wires in his jaw that were supposed to secure his face together.

The doctor told him 9 bones in his face were broken and that is why they had wired his mouth shut. He was in ICU in Paxton for two days. He then goes on to say that he had received a phone call the next day from his agent from MCI Records to say he had to withdraw from the “National Idol” competition.

Mr. King wants to sue everyone for $100 million dollars. Mr. King had to eat from a feeding tube for three days, and he could not speak. He then tried to loosen the wires from his jaw so he can continue to practice singing, against the doctor’s recommendation. This then resulted in the doctor and nurse giving him more medication and then handcuFed to the hospital bed. Mr. King woke up the next day to his family and agent in the room and writes on a piece of paper “Get me out of here; I want to go to a real hospital”. His agent then had him transferred to Metropolitan

Memorial Hospital in Chicago, by an ambulance company out of Bloomington. After being transferred the doctor noticed Mr. King’s jaws were “moving” and stated the wires were loose and the left side of his face was “higher”. Another doctor then came in and had to =x Mr. Kings face by “re-setting’ the bones leaving Mr. King in pain.

The doctors attempted another time and it did not work. Mr. King states he thinks he signed some sort of release form and gave it to the ambulance driver in Chicago. Mr. King ultimately lost his contract with MCI Records and cannot perform in the “National Idol” competition.

He then tried to commit suicide and failed leading to him being committed to the psychiatric hospital in Kansas City. He has been in the hospital for over a year. He is now on medication and has to see a psychologist. Mr. King is now receiving medical bills every month totaling $145,000.

His doctor is also telling him that he will have over $100, 000 more bills in the future with plastic surgery and counseling. E. POTENTIAL DEFENDANTS: 1. MCI Records (speci=cally Mr. King’s agent) 2. The Doctors and Nurses at ICU in Paxton 3. The Doctors and Nurses at Metropolitan Memorial Hospital in Chicago 4.

The police and ambulance that originally responded to the accident 5. Any and all witnesses that are listed in the police report. F. FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS: 1. Do you remember anything that you may have to remember the last time we met? 2. What is your current status on medications?

3. What kinds of medications are you on? 4. What’s the status on the plastic surgery? 5. Has Mr. King gone back to work? 6. What is the status of his singing career? G. ADDITIONAL RESEARCH/INVESTIGATION NEEDED/DISCOVERED Potential Witnesses Documents Medical bills that Mr. King had received. The Police report Ambulance Reports