of things (IoT) is a collection of objects, services and devices which are
connected via a network can communicate with each other and share information
to achieve a common goal. In other words, it is a technological revolution
which represents the future of computing, communications in our daily life. IoT
can be implemented in different field such as agriculture, healthcare,
distribution etc. Development of IoT in upcoming days depends on the innovation
of dynamic technology from wireless sensor to nanotechnology. The architecture
of IoT mainly based on two things. One is data communication tools and another
one is radio frequency identification (RFID).

purpose of IoT is to perform daily tasks and duties by using intelligent
devices for changing human’s lifestyle. Devices used in IoT are arranged with
sensors and processing power which qualify them to be fitted in many
environments. Fig.1 is a representation of some common applications of IoT in
different environments such as smart healthcare, wearable technology, smart
home, smart transport etc. Services provided by IoT applications is a blessing
of modern technology as it provides great benefit for humans’ life. In recent
years IoT applications have a huge expansion due to the rapid development of
technology, especially in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Wireless
Sensor Network (WSN). The RFID enables the tagging or labeling of every single
device. On the other hand, WSN help devices and objects to becomes a wireless
recognizable object and can communicate with each other in the physical, cyber
and virtual world.

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have predicted that by 2020 IoT will expand with more than 50 billion uniquely
recognizable devices.  But the presence
of such a huge network of interrelated objects will certainly create new
security and trust threads that put all those device at a higher risk. IoT
manufactures are still cannot be successful to provide a strong security system
in the devices.